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AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A

The AP Computer Science-A course introduces a student to the fundamental topics of Computer Programming and includes problem-solving techniques, design methodologies, data organization, coding disciplines, code performance, testing, and other topics. The students also learn about the installation of Java, installation of IDEs, setting up projects, and other related areas of Computer Science.

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 The course lays emphasis on object-oriented and imperative problem solving, and design using the Java language. This helps the students in formulating solutions to problems, articulating their solutions precisely, testing the solutions, identifying and correcting errors, comparing probable solutions, reading and understanding programs consisting of several classes, and describing the design and development process.

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 Growing Stars AP Computer Science tutors focus on their students’ computing skills related to programming in Java.  Our expert online tutors assist the students in writing solutions fluently in an object-oriented paradigm, with proven techniques for developing solutions that can evolve from the simple to the highly complex. Students will come to appreciate the importance of appropriately communicating solutions.

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