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Algebra 1

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is an engaging and exciting course that covers all the fundamentals that will be a part of all subsequent studies in Math! The problem and critical thinking skills that students learn in Algebra 1 are valuable tools that can be taken to and applied in other disciplines. Understanding Algebra 1 is the key to being successful in Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra, and even Calculus. Students in Algebra 1 continue their study of patterns and relationships formalizing their knowledge, learning to use symbolic notation, and connecting their understandings to the real world.

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The Growing Stars Algebra 1 course extends the Math that the students have learned in Middle School, helping them to think logically about numbers. The course deepens the understanding of linear and exponential relationships by contrasting them with each other and by applying linear models to data. The topics covered are Equations and Inequalities, Functions and Graphs, Linear Concepts, Exponents and Radicals, Polynomials and Quadratic Equations, and Probability and Statistics in accordance with Common Core Standards.The applications in Algebra 1 emphasize linear and quadratic functions.

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Growing Stars online tutors keep in mind the fact that Algebra 1 is the gateway to the rest of High school Math, and is essential for success in High school Science courses as well. While building a solid base, our expert tutors assist our students in developing their problem-solving skills, and challenging them to think by making Math come alive with many intriguing examples involving the use of Algebra. Our tutors leave the students with a thorough knowledge of methods for analyzing, solving, and using Quadratic Functions. Students begin to experience Math as a coherent, useful, and logical subject that makes use of their ability to comprehend problems. With our tutoring, students become capable of solving problems involving the Analytic Geometry of Lines, leading them to solving less routine mathematical problems involving linearity. Competence not only in adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomials, but also in transforming expressions are key elements in mastering Algebra.

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