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Benefits of Online Math Tutoring for Your Child

Children may struggle at math in school, but one helpful strategy for helping them improve their grades is online tutoring. When you get your child online tutoring in math, you can help him improve his math skills, self-esteem, GPA and more. Here are several specific benefits of online math tutoring  for your struggling student.


When you get an online tutor for your child, you can ensure they are comfortable in their environment during the lesson. An online tutor allows you to set up a nice work space within your home, meaning distractions and discomforts can easily be minimized.


Tutoring takes less time when you use online tutoring for your student. Rather than have to travel to and from a tutor’s home or office, students who use online tutoring can visit their tutor in an instant and end their session — saving more time for other homework and activities. Also, online tutoring can happen at an hour that works for the child, parent and tutor, making early morning or later evening sessions an option.

Personalized Lessons

An online tutor who is trained in working with students who struggle — like those used by Growing Stars — can expertly gauge your child’s skill level. Then, an online math tutor can offer tailored, personalized lessons to be sure that the right weaknesses and skills are being worked on.


Hiring a tutor can be a financial strain, but using online tutoring is a much more cost-effective choice than hiring a tutor for in-person work. Online tutoring is an affordable choice that may have otherwise been unaffordable for parents on a budget.

Online Tools

There are lots of helpful online tools that can help with math, such as digital calculators. By using an online tutor to help brush up math skills, you can also give your child access to helpful tools that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise, making math lessons easier and improving their tech skills, too.

Easy Communication

If you set your child up so that he won’t be distracted, your online tutor can have easy, focused communication with your student. If your student wears his headphones during the whole tutoring session, he can shut out other noises, ensuring that the math lesson is the only thing holding his attention.If you’re considering getting online math tutoring for your child, get in touch with Growing Stars. Our expertly trained tutors can ensure that a personalized lesson is delivered in an environment that fosters better learning.
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