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Getting the Most Out of Tutoring Online

“Mom, I’m getting a C in math.”

As a parent, your heart fills with dread when you hear those words. Perhaps mathematics wasn’t your best subject in school, so you decide to hire a tutor to help your child succeed. Whether you find a local tutor or choose online tutoring, it is important to stay involved. Build trust with the tutor, make sure your child completes required homework between sessions, and don’t miss a tutoring session.


Trust Your Tutor

Trust is vital to any relationship. When you meet your child’s tutor for the first time, spend several minutes getting to know him or her. Talk about your pets, current events, or your family life. Give the tutor a run-down on your child’s social and academic background. This information will expedite your child’s learning process and help the tutor understand how to help. Extending initial trust to your child’s tutor also paves the way for facing future academic hurdles together. Make sure your tutor knows that you’re on the same team, aiming for the same goal: to help your child succeed.


Do the Homework

While a lot of work can be completed during a tutoring online session, it is important for your child to complete all requested homework between sessions. If the tutor asks your child to complete several pages in a workbook or do the next eight math problems before next week’s session, make sure those tasks get done. If your child is in elementary or middle school, or if he/she struggles with organizational skills, touch base with the tutor after each session to ask if there is any homework to complete before next session. Then, make sure your student does the work. High school students can take responsibility for following through on homework assignments, but it is still helpful for parents to check in with the tutor every few weeks.


Arrive on Time, Every Time

Missed tutoring online sessions diminish trust between you and the tutor and delay your child’s academic progress. When meeting a tutor in person, try your best to arrive on time for each session. If your child is enrolled in online tutoring, boot up the computer in advance and get everything set up for the session. If the tutoring session is in the late afternoon or evening, make sure your child has eaten a snack or meal and is ready to concentrate during the session.


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