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What our clients say

He was able to get an “A” on most of his tests through the year. His tutor was excellent and knew just what he needed.


She has even been recommended by her teacher for the gifted Calculus program for next term!

Dr. Reena Sandhu

We are always treated with utmost respect, care, and understanding, and they are always willing to work with the family to make sure all aspects of the student's goals are met.We highly recommend the service...

Delilah D

My son has shown tremendous improvement in his grade in 2nd quarter. We have to admit that this credit is well worth given to Mr. Venugopal. His approaches to teaching & indepth knowledge of the subject have influenced our son a lot. John has become more enthusiastic, focused & confident to face his challenges in Math. Thanks to Venu for being there for John.

Ajith Mathew and Priya Mathew

My daughter routinely comments that she finally understands the math lessons she is getting at school because her Growing Stars tutor explains everything in a way she understands.

R Dey
What students and
their parents say

I was struggling in my biology class due to the amount of information that I needed to know in a short amount of time. She thoroughly broke down every concept that was needed for my class. She helped me understand the material and I did well in my class. I know that the Growingstars program helps a lot of students in high school level classes but they also have teachers that are well versed in college level classes as well. Having help in a basic biology course helped do better in my other classes as I furthered my studies to get into medical school.

Jeslin M

Your organization provides superior tutoring, and Growing Stars has been a Godsend in assisting us through our educational journey.

Yolanda Wayne

This is a true testament to the skills of everyone involved with Garett's learning there at Growing Stars....

Greg Clark

Growing Stars helped me obtain high marks consistently which secured my engineering admission and hence, helped lay the groundwork for my future career.

Asiman Datye

I am pleased to say that Anil has recieved an A- on his report card for this trimester.

Joy Thattayathu