How Online Tutoring Can Help You Improve Your Academic Performance

If you’re struggling with one or more subjects at school, you may already be in a position where you risk failing, where your self-confidence is plummeting, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be that way. Getting back on track can be as simple as working with an online tutor for a few sessions, to help you improve your grades and catch up where you’re falling behind.

One-on-one Help Where You Need It Most

It’s easy to fall behind in one or more of your classes, especially if a teacher is working through the material at a faster rate than you’re comfortable with. Most people prefer to work at their own pace, and it can be hard to stay motivated when you’re feeling the pressure to work faster. And once you’re behind in your schoolwork, it’s hard to catch up and easy to fall even further behind.

Working one-on-one with an online tutor can help you solve these problems. By working with a tutor, you get some extra time to catch up where you’ve fallen behind, and extra time to work on whatever subjects you’re having trouble with. After a few sessions, you could be feeling much more confident about your ability to keep up, and feeling good about your academic performance and school in general.

Get Homework Help

Whether you’re having trouble in specific subjects or not, online tutoring can be of help in other ways, too. For instance, perhaps you feel confident at school, but find it difficult to work on homework tasks such as writing papers or completing math assignments. Working with a tutor is a great way to get homework help, and also helps you develop good study habits that will stay with you throughout school and college.

Learn to Prepare for Tests More Effectively

Another benefit of online tutoring is that a tutor can help you study for tests, and learn how to effectively prepare for and sit tests. Doing well in tests — especially standardized tests such as the SAT — isn’t just about learning the material; it’s also about being able to think on your feet and stay calm in a stressful situation. Online tutoring can help you work through study material, and may also give you the opportunity to sit practice tests that will help you feel more confident when it comes to the real thing.

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3 Reasons why Online Tutoring Works

The popularity of online tutoring has really taken off in recent years thanks to the many benefits of this kind of learning. For several reasons, online tutoring is a great way to help kids who are struggling at school and has become a big hit with both children and their parents.

A High-Tech Way to Learn

One reason that online learning has become so popular with children and teens is that today’s generation of students has grown up in the internet age, and is more familiar with digital and online devices than any other. It’s second nature for kids to turn to their mobile phones, tablets, or computers when they need help, which means they’re likely to be comfortable with the online tutoring environment. For students who are anxious about math or any other subject they’re struggling with, it’s important that they’re able to feel relaxed during tutoring sessions.

Online Tutoring Provides Convenient Help

E-learning and online tutoring has made it much more convenient for children and teens to get the help they need to succeed at school. Kids can learn in their own home, in comfort and safety, and free from distractions. It’s much easier for parents to supervise tutoring sessions, and to keep an eye on their child’s progress.

And, with tutoring resources available online, students can access learning materials outside of sessions, too. There’s even the possibility for access to additional homework help, such as with Growing Stars’ homework help program for math students.

Focused One-on-One Attention

The convenience of the online environment is a big plus, and online tutoring also gives children and teens the individual attention they need when they’re having trouble with a particular subject. It’s all too easy for a struggling student to get left behind in a busy classroom, but the focused attention they get from an online tutor ensures that they have the chance to catch up at their own pace.

Help Your Child Help Themselves

If your child is having trouble with one or more school subjects, they can quickly lose confidence in their abilities, and even lose interest in learning altogether. By providing them with an online tutor who can give them the individual attention they need, in a way that they’re familiar with, you can help them get their confidence back and ultimately learn more effectively.

Online Tutoring That Uses Your Learning Style

Everyone learns in different ways, and many people find that they just don’t retain information unless they’re able to study it in a particular way. For instance, some people learn best through discussion, while other people prefer to learn by reading. If you have a particular learning style that works best for you, it can be useful to talk to your online tutor and find out if they can help you incorporate your learning style into tutoring sessions.

What Are the Different Styles of Learning?
There are four main styles of learning: visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic.

Visual learners get the most benefit out of using images and charts to organize information. In an online tutoring session, charting information and working with images, maps and graphs can be helpful.

Auditory learners get the most out of lectures, discussions and the use of mnemonic devices. Having discussions with your online tutor about whatever you’re having trouble with in school is a simple way to incorporate this learning style.

Reading and Writing
People who learn best through reading and writing often take lots of notes or read up on subjects extensively. If this is your preferred learning style, try taking lots of notes during your online tutoring sessions, and read through them to prepare you for your next session.

Kinesthetic learners are hands-on learners. If you’re a kinesthetic learner, you prefer to learn through activities rather than discussions or note-taking. This can be difficult to incorporate into an online tutoring session, but elements of other learning styles, such as creating diagrams and charts, can also function as a kind of kinesthetic learning.

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Approach
Some learning styles may be more difficult to fit into an online tutoring session, but the good thing is, most people prefer a mixture of two or even three different styles rather than just one. For instance, many kinesthetic learners also benefit from visual or auditory learning as well.

It’s also important to understand that even if you do have a preference, other kinds of learning can still work for you. However, incorporating your learning style preference into online tutoring and studying is likely to help you retain information.

3 Ways Online Tutoring Can Improve Standardized Test Scores

Tutors are commonly used by parents to help children who are struggling in school improve their grades and their confidence. One thing many parents don’t realize that they can also use online tutors is for standardized testing. Online tutors can help improve children’s testing skills so that they feel more confident and receive better scores. Here are some specific ways that your child can benefit from having an online tutor before taking standardized tests.

1. Improved Test Strategy

Standardized tests require an understanding of the way that the test works — as much as the information that is tested in the exam. Tutors that have a mastery of the test can teach your child about specific strategies for taking the test, including how long to spend on each question, how to make better-educated guesses if they don’t know answers and more.

2. Instill a More Positive Attitude

Standardized tests can be extremely stressful, especially for children who have learning disabilities or attention problems. Students who dread standardized tests may do worse on them because they feel stressed out or uncomfortable in the testing room. An online tutor can help explain what the day will be like to a child, and they can help motivate them for the experience. By teaching them tips and tricks for the test, and preparing them for what to expect, they can help improve students’ attitude towards the test and ultimately improve test scores, as well.

3. Pinpoint Problem Areas

An online tutor can help explain what the day will be like to a child, and they can help motivate them for the experience.
Many students struggle with standardized tests, but they all struggle for different reasons. An online tutor who is trained in standardized test taking can identify a child’s specific weak points and work on those so that their problem areas are targeted and improved. This ensures that time isn’t wasted on parts of testing that a child has already conquered.

At Growing Stars, we have an arsenal of online tutors who are trained to teach students how to master standardized tests. By helping your child learn the skills they need to ace exams,an online tutor can help your child grow, make them happier and more confident and ensure that they thrive at school.

A Personalized SAT Practice Program is Your First Step to Higher Education

A good SAT score is essential for many students who wish to pursue higher studies. For optimal SAT scores, you should master SAT topics through highly motivated and intensive practices. However, it is not always possible for a student to attend a live SAT prep class, which is where online-based learning programs come in. If you are applying to college, you will almost certainly need to submit SAT or ACT scores. Thus, the SAT is often the gateway to preferred colleges and careers. Online SAT tutoring can be the first step toward realizing these dreams.

Personalized Online SAT

SAT online tutoring enables students to join classes from anywhere they have Internet access. Online SAT tutors are trained to help identify challenging areas for students and improve skills with resulting gains in SAT scores. Since classes meet on a regular schedule and the tutor is visible on the computer screen along with the white board, students will be able to interact with the online tutor and address any problems or areas where the subject matter remains unclear.

Experienced SAT Online Tutors

If you haven’t signed up for SAT tutoring sessions, you should weigh the benefits of making this decision. Online tutoring for SAT may be the first step in ensuring success in higher education. Experienced online tutors who teach SAT prep will make sure that you get the most out of online SAT tutoring. Today’s online SAT preparation programs are designed to improve your score on the New SAT. An online SAT program is an affordable learning option provided by the experienced SAT tutors of Growing Stars.

Online SAT tutors at Growing Stars are trained to help identify areas that may be difficult for students and improve students’ skills so that they can have confidence and thrive. Our online SAT tutoring program offers students the true challenge and environment of the SAT experience, as our program begins with an initial diagnostic test, followed by in-depth review sessions. For further information, please visit

Enhance Your Child’s Creativity With Online Tutoring

Developing a child’s creative abilities can make schoolwork more interesting and fun.
Every child is blessed with certain unique talents. However, the motivation a child receives from the family and peer groups has a definite influence on how well this creativity can be put to use. Creativity is required for every student who is going to study complex subjects. Online tutoring can be a better solution for students who need some extra help and wish to nurture creative skills. With the help of an online tutoring expert, students can improve their academic skills and develop a creative mind set.

Online tutoring gurus use innovative white board technology for teaching complicated subjects, and help students to learn how to use various online tools and features. Thus, online tutoring uses modern technology to develop students’ creativity. Students who struggle with academics may be reluctant to spend more time doing extra reading and homework problems, and may even try to skip tutoring sessions. Growing Stars’ online tutoring sessions are designed to engage the interests and natural creativity of all students, not just those already doing well in school. By giving students the tools needed to improve their academic lives, Growing Stars online tutoring experts have helped thousands of young scholars advance toward their chosen careers.

Many students are anxious about subjects such as math, and fall behind because they avoid the challenges. They need a solid solution to overcome stress that subjects such as math generate. Online tutoring can encourage students to ask questions, and help them learn in a way that makes sense to them. Most of the students can master their subjects, if they get the right attention and academic support. Online tutoring can offer students the attention and care they need; the sessions can be tailored to their specific needs, and will help them improve their school performance.

Learning can be fun. The same is true of online-based learning. With customized lesson plans and an intuitive learning platform, there is an online tutoring program that will work for almost any family. Growing Stars’ online programs are tailored to students of varying ages, achievement levels, and needs. Online tutors at Growing Stars will help students build upon their previous studies, and give those students a head start on meeting the challenges of studying subjects at the next grade level.

Growing Stars Opens Enrollment for Online Tutoring Summer Programs

Summer vacation is fast approaching, and parents once again face the challenge of keeping their kids academically engaged and well prepared for the next school year. By enrolling in Growing Stars’ summer programs, students work with an online tutor and follow a self-directed curriculum at home. Parents are invited to enroll their kids today to benefit from flexible schedules that fit around other summer vacation plans.

Students who are not exposed to educational activities during summer vacation time can lose several months’ worth of math skills. Working with an online tutor solves that problem by reinforcing a child’s school studies from the previous year and adding depth to their studies in the academic year to come.

Growing Stars’ Summer Enrichment programs are tailored to students of varying ages, achievement levels and needs. The Math Challenger Summer Camp, for example, is designed for high achievers who have been scoring consistent As. An online tutor will help build upon their previous studies and give those students a head start on meeting the challenges of studying math at the next grade level.

Courses are also adapted to students with individual challenges. For example, the Math Made Simple Summer Camp is available for all elementary, middle and high school grade levels and tests students to identify key gaps in math skills. The student’s online tutor will then work with them to fill those gaps one by one, resulting in optimum readiness to tackle math at the next grade level.
Enrollment is now open for Growing Stars’ summer programs across all grade levels and academic subjects. Online tutors are available to teach IT courses, such as C++/Java Programming and C++ for Beginners, English courses such as Writing and Grammar, and science courses including Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Growing Stars also offers online tutors for comprehensive test prep programs for SAT, ACT and AP tests.

Growing Stars has a proven record of providing educational enrichment to thousands of children, engaging their minds and challenging them to succeed during summer vacation time and the school year afterwards. For more information about summer programs and schedules, visit Parents can enroll their children quickly and easily online or by calling 1-800-499-GROW.

Online Tutoring from Growing Stars Helps Academic Achievement

Growing Stars Online Tutoring helps build and maintain improved academic scores, all year round. During school breaks, an average of an entire month of learning is lost. By the end of grade six, a child with cumulative learning losses can be as much as two years behind their peers. Growing Stars Online Tutoring helps minimize or avoid learning losses and improves understanding during regular tuition. Working with a one-on-one tutor helps avoid problems before they start.

Offering a complete range of programs, students with any academic difficulties can start to see improvements to comprehension in virtually any class. Classes and services include:

Math Challenger for High Achievers
Math Made Simple for Elementary, Middle and High School
Writing & Grammar
Read Comprehension & Vocabulary for Elementary, Middle and High School
IT Courses: C++, Java programming, C# for Beginners, etc.
Personalized online tutoring
Homework help

Math skills are a particular challenge for many students. A missed concept early in the year can lead to consistently low achievement. Until the first skills gap is addressed, these students will continue to struggle. At Growing Stars, the online tutoring program starts with extensive testing to determine any concepts your young learner missed in the classroom. Then, using a curriculum designed just for them, you can see your child learn and move past tricky concepts and missed work.
Test Prep is another big concern. When you are the parent of a high school student, SATs, ACTs and AP tests loom at every turn. Since these scores can have such a dramatic impact on college acceptance, it is important for children to be prepared on test day. Growing Stars Online Tutoring offers flexible test preparation that lets you and the kids enjoy school breaks and keep up with test prep activities. Online tutoring is an ideal way to get flexibility and extra tuition for both high academic achievers and kids who struggle in certain classes.

Working with thousands of children each year, Growing Stars Online Tutoring pioneered a new way to help struggling students. Their unique, online programs help kids overcome learning loss and stay on top of academics during the school year.

Before your kids fall behind, learn about this tutoring service and find out more by visiting the Growing Stars Online Tutoring website,, or by calling 1-800-499-GROW.

Find an online tutor right away!

Many households in the United States suffer from the hectic life style of the modern era. Children are occupied with doing homework, parents are busy or tired after a long workday. These side effects of education and careers may create invisible walls between parents and children, seriously affecting the education of the latter. Amid all this complexity, there is a ray of hope for a better solution to overcoming the obstacles of modern life. It is nothing more than online-based tutoring, which can play a vital role in helping families to stay focused on achieving goals. Since its advent, online-based learning has revolutionized the way in which students learn, with its anytime and anywhere learning features.

The demands of today’s education system mean that many students will need the support of a specialist online tutor to achieve best academic results. The rapid growth of online tutoring companies indicates the ever-growing demand for such services. Finding a highly qualified online tutor is becoming as easy as ordering up a late-night snack. The service of a dedicated online tutor, with an average rate of about $15 an hour, is one of the most affordable ways to obtain results-oriented e-leaning. Since most parents are serious about their children’s education, they are often willing to engage an expert online tutor for their offspring. By signing up with a leading online tutoring company such as Growing Stars, parents can easily start their children’s work with a dedicated online tutor. In addition, such always-available, on-demand learning services can be especially helpful to students with tight budgets or tight time frames.

The services provided by an online tutor from a tutoring company with a proven track record will be of very high quality, as these firms make a point of finding the right people for the job. Growing Stars is a leading online tutoring service provider in the United States, providing the services of dedicated and skilled online tutors at an affordable prices to students around the globe.

The right online tutor for effective and efficient learning

Online tutoring services provide an opportunity for parents to connect their children with a network of experienced tutors and educational specialists. These online tutoring services offer many benefits to parents seeking to find the perfect online tutor for their child. Most of the leading online tutoring companies around the world employ highly qualified tutors in a variety of subjects. The online tutor is able to assist students in a range of ages, and in a variety of subjects—all the way from kindergarten through college. Parents have good reasons to find the right online tutor for their offspring. There are occasions when parents find it difficult to locate a tutor in their geographic area for advanced classes or complicated topics. With the help of an experienced online tutor, students can excel in subjects where they are facing challenges.

Choosing the right online tutor from a leading tutoring company

There are dozens of online tutoring services from which a parent may choose. Most of the online tutoring companies employ competent online tutors who are good at reducing the stress levels of the students. Companies such as Growing Stars offer affordable online tutoring services for students all over the United States, and elsewhere. From parents looking for a math tutor for their children to a college student seeking for some extra help not available in the classroom, an online tutoring company can find the right tutor for each individual situation. Parents who have sought a traditional tutor know there can be difficulties in finding the right tutor for their children. However, the services that an online tutoring company provides cover many individual needs and situations. A parent can find an experienced math online tutor, a science online tutor, or even a tutor for learning Spanish. If an online tutor fails to meet the expectations of the parent, it is a simple matter to find a replacement who is a better fit with the needs of the child. With the help of an online tutoring company, a parent can easily find a qualified online tutor who is reasonably priced and who can provide the help they seek.

In order to find an effective online tutor for children, parents should look for the help of a leading online tutoring company such as Growing Stars, which provides live one-on-one tutoring and homework help. Qualified and well-screened online tutors at Growing Stars offer an incredible learning experience for their students.