Tips for being an efficient online tutor

Most of the online tutoring companies are focused on delivering the best possible educational experience to their students. As part of providing an efficient learning environment to students around the world, e-learning companies are very much concerned with the quality of the material and mentoring delivered by online tutors. The efficiency of an online tutor adds considerable value to the learning experience.The best possible online tutoring experience is one in which the student feels as if the tutor is right there in the room, as a solid mentor who can offer encouragement for students to stay on the right track.

Keeping this in mind, educational experts have some tips for online tutors which will help them to optimize the learning experience of their students.

Know the student
An online tutor who knows the strengths and weakness of a student is in the best position to help with improved academic achievement. A mentoring online tutor has the freedom to ask the student about distractions, difficulties, and any concerns. In addition, a tutor who has built an enduring friendship with the student can easily continue to engage the young scholar throughout the session.

Master the technology
An experienced online tutor should be able to handle the latest updates to the learning platform. The tutor should also be able to explain to the student matters related to the learning management system. An online tutor with sound technical knowledge can easily help students with troubleshooting during sessions, if any problems with the devices or telecommunications arise.

Be alert and attentive
There are occasions when even the best planning and preparedness fail to prevent the occasional glitch. An online tutor must be in a position to address such issues from the viewpoint of both the online student and the tutor. The troubleshooting skill of an online tutor will come in handy in such situations.

Be lively and engaging
An online tutor who is experienced in tutoring and student-related issues can create energy and enthusiasm in a live one-on-one tutoring session. This may pose a bit of a challenge when an online tutor handles a new student, so the best online tutors will endeavor to be enthusiastic and engaging from the very first session.

With Growing Stars’ online tutoring program, an online tutor develops quality content tailored to each individual student’s needs. Our dedicated online tutors make sure that the sessions are having the desired effects, with the goal of launching their students on a lifetime of learning.

Upcoming Online Learning Trends

2017 will witness innovative learning trends. They will have a primary goal: improving the user experience in online tutoring. Improved versions of learning will continue to have a far-reaching effect on schools across the country. Online learning has so far achieved tremendous growth. However, there is huge potential for technological advances for learning platforms and user experiences. The research and development think tanks from the e-learning industry are responding positively to the needs of the future. They have started thinking about the dynamic learning solutions which can be delivered to meet developing needs.

Video Learning

The use of video content is dramatically increasing. Most of the social media platforms have started accommodating greater quantities of video content. Video content has a greater impact on viewers. The effectiveness of video content is such that it can easily inspire users into action. Video content generates a high volume of Internet traffic around the world. When it comes to online tutoring, video content has a crucial role in contributing to the learner’s ability to absorb new information. Video content makes learning effective, in turn making it desirable to integrate video in online learning courses.

Micro Learning

Micro learning is one of the latest learning concepts. It involves learning in brief 10- to 15-minute sessions. Corporations use this technique to train their employees to attain high levels of professional excellence. It is being increasingly used by many organizations around the globe for both formal and informal training. Today, educational institutions are also beginning to try micro learning. It seems ideal for students, as it consumes less time and is available to learners exactly at the time they choose for learning. This kind of learning will soon be available in the online tutoring industry. Micro learning is suitable for the use of rich media content, which can ensure better retention.

Mobile Learning

Mobile-based learning is increasing, with smart phones making it easier for users to access content. Such mobile devices can now offer features previously available only on computers. Since these devices are portable, the concepts of anytime/anywhere learning have become accessible to everyone. Some university students are now opting for mobile learning, as online tutoring companies across the United States provide mobile-based learning with the support of intuitive apps. The number of mobile based learners has been growing, and mobile learning will continue to rise in popularity in 2017.

Growing Stars is a leading online tutoring service provider in the United States, and is the pioneer in one-on-one tutoring with live tutors. At Growing Stars, all students are special, and deserves individualized attention for their educations.

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) in the online tutoring environment

Today, it is very difficult to imagine a world without online learning. The wide variety of online courses are among the main advantage of online tutoring. E-learning, corporate training, online tutoring and other forms of non-traditional education have received a wider acceptance. More and more companies are investing in the development of intuitive and artificial intelligence-driven Learning Management Systems (LMSs). There are many LMSs that allow trainers to provide authentic and innovating learning experiences to users. The online tutoring sector greatly benefits from Leaning Management Systems by using pre-built content templates, extensions, features, and inserted media.

Flexibility of learning

The primary advantage of an LMS within an online tutoring environment is its provision of anytime and anywhere learning. With the advent of Learning Management Systems, tutoring service providers find it even easier and more convenient to offer online courses using PCs, tablets, or smart phones. Easy access with no limits on location or device use is a great advantage for modern students, paving the way for unlimited learning across multiple subjects and areas of study.

Cost-effective learning

Educational organizations are in a position to reduce their costs with the implementation of efficient Learning Management Systems. An LMS requires large investments in terms of server maintenance and security at the time of introduction. However, when a critical mass of learners is enrolled with an online tutoring company which uses a Learning Management System, the service becomes profitable, with students being charged substantially less than they would be for comparable courses at tutoring centers.

Customize Courses / Training Programs.
Learning Management Systems will be useful for online tutoring companies to customize their courses and programs with positive impact on their policies and learning materials. For an online learning company, a robust and effective LMS will include material such as video, texts, infographics, tasks, short quizzes, etc. Online tutoring companies are focused on creating a tailored learning environment, as they enhance the education process and academic performance of their clients.

Growing is a leading online tutoring service provider in the United States, and is the pioneer in one-on-one tutoring with live tutors, many of whom possess advanced degrees. Our Intuitive, LMS-based online tutoring increasingly replicates the experience of in-person learning, allowing students and tutors to talk, share files, draw diagrams, and exchange messages.

Online tutoring redefines personalized learning

Each year, many students return to academic life. Some of them experience ease in learning, while others struggle to learn complex subjects. Many students find it hard to learn by relying exclusively on what happens in the classroom. These students require additional academic support outside of school. Personalized learning can be an ideal solution for learners to master the complexities of the modern curriculum. Learning via a one-on-one live online tutoring has several advantages for students who struggle with classroom learning. It is a reality that individual care and dedicated support can improve the understanding of students, and keep them abreast of subject knowledge. Some students need extra assistance to keep up in class. If they get the extra support via a one -on-one online tutoring platform, they may very well become successful students.

When it comes to personalized learning there are several options available, including effective and affordable online tutoring, which offers many features and benefits for students. The provision of anytime and anywhere learning is one of the main attractions of online-based, one-on-one live tutoring. Students get a chance to learn in a comfortable environment, where learning is both personalized and worthwhile. It is always a good experience for students to sit in a favorite chair at home, with the chance for frequent breaks to digest the new material. In fact, many online students retain more information with shorter and more numerous tutoring sessions. This kind of personalized learning helps students improve grades and achieve academic results.

Students who are not able to attend school due to injuries or illnesses require some dedicated support and personalized care to keep up with classes. Such students may find online tutoring as very desirable solution for learning and mastering complicated subjects. It is a fact that students learn in different ways and at different paces. A dedicated online tutoring expert will appreciate those variations, and strive to offer a personalized learning experience to every student. Support of such dedicated tutors is readily available through Growing Stars, Inc. The friendly faces and encouraging voices of the Growing Stars online tutoring staff help children feel safe, and show the family that their child’s teachers are caring individuals.

Improving student grades with an online tutor

Innovations of modern technology makes online tutoring highly effective. The latest trends in education, such as mobile learning, are the outcome of the rapid growth of technology. Although Internet-based learning has been gaining ground among different communities, it does not replace conventional classroom education, but aids students with supplemental education. There are several subjects many students find difficult to study, and they can improve their academic grades by receiving the services of an experienced online tutor. Below are some good reasons to have an online tutor.

Greater convenience

When students tackle a complex subject, they prefer a convenient environment where they can learn with enthusiasm. One of the advantages of online-based learning is that tutoring conducted at home or in another private location can be done at the student’s own pace, and without potential for embarrassment. Within the comfort of their own familiar surroundings, students find learning more pleasant and productive.

Affordability and flexibility

Online-based learning is less costly than hiring a tutor to visit a home. Moreover, a highly qualified online tutor’s services can be arranged at any time according to a student’s preference. With a live online tutor, students get the freedom to ask questions or request clarifications, which they may find difficult to do at school. This kind of greater flexibility makes learning more rewarding.

Personalized activity

Not all children learn or make academic progress at the same rate. Hence, a solution to improve academic standards is live one-on-one tutoring. Personalized tutoring programs are designed to meet the unique requirement of a student. Based on a student’s skill set, sessions are adapted to target the specific needs of the particular pupil. Personalized attention by an online tutor improves the academic life and overall confidence level of the students.

Redefining technology

Most modern students are already familiar with computers and smart phones. They can solve problems or use various applications on these electronic devices with ease. With the advent of e-learning platforms, students find it easy to learn via sophisticated online tools. Having an online tutor combines the excitement of a digital learning environment with the advantages of personalized learning. With dedicated support from an online tutor, students can easily improve their skills needed for achieving academic success. is a leading one-one-one online tutoring service provider in the United States. The friendly faces and supporting voices of our online tutoring staff help children feel safe and show the family that their child’s teachers are caring individuals. Please try one-on-one tutoring from Growing Stars for K-12 students, designed to accelerate innovative learning.

Online tutoring: the answer for your child’s declining grades

A student who fails to ask questions and get help with problem areas during regular school hours may not be receiving needed personalized help. Crowded classrooms and tightly scheduled sessions provide fewer opportunities for addressing the individual needs of students. Since personalized attention is an integral part of learning complex subjects such as math, parents often seek an alternative method for improving the grades of their offspring.

Online tutoring, today’s most sought-after learning solution, provides a platform for students simultaneously to improve understanding of subjects, raise grades and increase confidence. Few, if any, other options work as well for improving the academic standards of a student who struggles with different subjects. Learning center-based tutoring consumes additional time for commuting between home and learning classroom. Online tutoring could be the optimal solution for effective and personalized learning.

Learning particular subjects and topics is not easy for everyone, especially for students who do not receive personalized attention during classroom learning. By opting for the services of a tutoring company, any student can address this problem. Both classroom and online-based learning require practice and regular attendance to master complex subjects.In regular class room sessions, not every student may get the chance to ask questions. However, the online tutoring environment allows students to ask question of the live tutors. This kind of learning also helps students to build confidence in the classroom and in life.

Tutoring online provides every child with a one-on-one experience designed to meet individual needs. With no interruptions and disturbances from other students, online students can receive personalized attention, thus improving grades. Online tutoring from a leading online tutoring company such as Growing Stars brings the service of a dedicated online tutor to your home regardless of location, and without transportation costs. 

Preparing students for online tutoring

Before beginning online tutoring, a student needs to consider the basic skills and equipment needed to be successful in this environment. It is important to note that without basic computer skills, it will be difficult for even a bright student to benefit from online tutoring. Although online-based learning is effective and convenient, it requires the availability of certain essential tools. Great online tutoring companies offer the best possible e-learning experience for their students. This process involves a great deal of preparation, organization, and planning. For a successful learning experience, there are a great many things to be considered before the sessions commence.

Providing a learning environment

There must be a defined learning environment for students to explore the possibilities of this new mode of education. Students need a certain environment (computer, high-speed Internet connection, online learning software, writing pads), as well as serious mental preparation and physical well-being. These are the things that need to be addressed to make sure that the student is ready for a productive learning session.

Setting learning goals

It is important to have a clear idea of learning objectives. These learning objectives will serve as a guide for students throughout the process. Prior to setting learning objectives, students must set their own personal goals, which derive from their strengths and weaknesses in various subjects.

Accessing quality content

Online learners need to have some prior knowledge of the subjects they are studying. In addition, they must have access to online libraries and other sources of quality content. Using the latest updates related to various subjects keeps students abreast of advances in knowledge.

Training for improving tech skills

It is highly advisable for students to get training in certain technology-related areas. Familiarizing themselves with the e-learning software will help them to be better online pupils. With some technical training, students will find it easier to work with different kinds of online learning tools.

The concept of anytime/anywhere learning leads to success when students appear for the session with adequate preparation and clear learning objectives. With the support of an online tutoring company, web-based learning becomes a powerful asset. Engaging the services of a learner-centered online tutoring company such as Growing Stars is best way for online learners to improve their knowledge and learning skills.

Overcoming test anxiety with some simple steps

Test anxiety is a completely normal part of modern academic life. Even a student with good scores and grades may be anxious about important tests. If test anxiety is not addressed properly, it is likely to affect the confidence level of a student. Most students study hard and seem well-prepared, but some may begin to panic as they enter the testing room. This is a very typical sign of test anxiety. Whether for a key standardized test such as the SAT, or an important exam in the student’s regular courses, test anxiety has the power to derail weeks and months of hard work. Some students have a mild form of this problem, while others face a more severe version. By following some simple steps, students can overcome—or at least manage—their test anxiety.

Getting sufficient rest

Getting enough sleep is not easy for modern students. A busy lifestyle, as well as assignment and homework burdens, may prevent students from getting sufficient rest. However, good rest is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, students must learn to use time effectively and get things done before they need to retire for eight full hours of sleep. Getting sufficient rest will enable a student to study lessons properly, with a resulting reduction in test anxiety.

Preparation before the test

Developing a sense of motivated interest is essential for proper exam preparation. Without that sense of motivation and interest, it will be hard for a student to prepare properly for an exam. Proper preparation is essential for a student to face challenging tests. An online tutor’s service will be useful for a student prior to important exams. A dedicated online tutor can teach concepts related to the tests, and increase the confidence level of the tutee during test season.

Getting to class or testing hall early

Some students will arrive late, or with only seconds to spare. As feeling rushed will only increase anxiety, it is always a good idea to make sure the student is ready for the test at least 10 minutes before it actually starts. 

Nurturing a positive attitude
It is not that easy for students always to stay positive. However, parents or an online tutor can help students maintain an upbeat attitude. Encouragement and appreciation from parents and a regular online tutor can help students improve their confidence levels. Some online tutoring companies offer the services of dedicated education managers who are good at helping students with a variety of academic issues. Students who receive such support are less likely to suffer from severe test anxiety.

Growing is one of the best online-based learning service providers in the United States, and is the pioneer in one-on-one tutoring with live online tutors. Seeking the help of an online tutor from Growing Stars will help students to master subjects and concepts, thus greatly reducing test anxiety. The continuing help from a highly qualified online tutor will help keep students focused on the subjects they are studying, resulting in both lower test anxiety and higher test scores.



Learning essentials for a successful online tutoring program

There is a clear path to online tutoring,which involves successful and meaningful communication between the tutors and learners. This sort of successful learning takes advantage of advanced technology.Those organizations which made significant investments in online-based learning about a decade ago are now reaping the success of their foresight.

Quality learning materials

Availability of quality e-learning materials is vital to the success of effective online tutoring programs. Good content can help students take in the topics the tutors are covering, and help them practice their skills. The quality of the content can inspire children and lead them to master challenging subjects.High-quality content encourages and facilitates an effective learning environment. It is not necessary that tutors create online materials from scratch, as many web sites have free content; they may also make use of local libraries or online book stores.

Finding the right online tutoring company

Finding a high-quality online tutoring company is very easy today, as most of the online tutoring agencies offer free demo sessions and risk-free trial sessions. However, it is highly advisable to find an online tutoring company which offers the service of education managers who provide continuous customer support and function as a bridge between students and tutors.

Availability of powerful electronic devices

Getting to an online tutoring session is more effective and fruitful if both tutor and student use up-to-date technology such as computers, tablets, headsets, writing pads, and high-speed Internet access. It is always a good idea to make sure the student is ready for the tutoring session at least 10 minutes before it actually starts. This practice enables the learner to avoid any technical problems that could take productive time away from the session.

Quiet and private spaces

Distractions can ruin a tutoring session. Students must be provided with a space where they can remain quiet and undisturbed throughout the entire lesson. It is a good idea to choose a study room with a door that closes to block out any noise. A quiet study room helps a student to focus fully on learning and to stay away from distractions.

There are countless benefits to hiring the service of an online tutoring company—including cost-effectiveness and convenience. Hiring the service of a learner-centered e-learning company such as Growing Stars is one of the best decisions a good parent can make.

Grasping Math Concepts With the Help of an Online Tutor

In many subjects, students can acquire and retain all that they need just from classroom sessions and reading the textbooks. However, math requires highly organized thinking, as the higher elements of math build upon the earlier, simpler concepts. Similarly, understanding more advanced math requires a very solid comprehension of all the more basic elements. The job of an online math tutor is to help students get past the hurdle of math anxiety by making sure that they have such a solid foundation. Having a well-organized study strategy for math learning can help online tutors and their students with attaining mastery of complicated math concepts.

Start Studying with a Plan

A subject such as math requires a proper lesson plan and clear learning objectives. Students will be reviewing math concepts during every online tutoring or home learning session, but as complex ideas challenge them, students will want to start setting aside some time devoted specifically to mastering advanced concepts and formulas. This will work well with the support of an online tutor who is experienced and has a sound knowledge in various areas of mathematics. Dedicated support from an online tutor can improve the way a student learns this kind of complex subject matter.

Game-Based Learning

Every online tutor has a different approach to teaching math. Some tutors will design the lesson plans based on knowledge of their students’ learning styles and preferences. The more an online tutor knows about the students’ strengths, the more the tutor can help the students during the session. Some tutors use charts, pictures, and other fun math tools to make math seem more like an enjoyable and challenging game, rather than a dreaded task. This kind of learning may help students in grasping complex math facts. By offering printable resources such as flashcards, online tutors offer students a way to keep focused on their math skills, even after the session is over.

Tests and Quizzes for Effective Learning

Conducting short tests and quizzes can be helpful for online tutors to assess how well their students are grasping the concepts of math. If an online tutor measures the progress of students by conducting regularly scheduled tests or quizzes, the result can be a great increase in their confidence levels. These quizzes should not be held too frequently, as the great majority of tutoring time should be spent in improving the students’ skills rather than checking their progress; however, the occasional use of tests or quizzes can be helpful for both tutor and pupils in the overall learning process.

Growing Stars’ intuitive online learning platform enables students and math tutors to talk, share files, draw diagrams, and exchange ideas and messages. For further information, please contact our online tutoring experts at .