Grasping Math Concepts With the Help of an Online Tutor

In many subjects, students can acquire and retain all that they need just from classroom sessions and reading the textbooks. However, math requires highly organized thinking, as the higher elements of math build upon the earlier, simpler concepts. Similarly, understanding more advanced math requires a very solid comprehension of all the more basic elements. The job of an online math tutor is to help students get past the hurdle of math anxiety by making sure that they have such a solid foundation. Having a well-organized study strategy for math learning can help online tutors and their students with attaining mastery of complicated math concepts.

Start Studying with a Plan

A subject such as math requires a proper lesson plan and clear learning objectives. Students will be reviewing math concepts during every online tutoring or home learning session, but as complex ideas challenge them, students will want to start setting aside some time devoted specifically to mastering advanced concepts and formulas. This will work well with the support of an online tutor who is experienced and has a sound knowledge in various areas of mathematics. Dedicated support from an online tutor can improve the way a student learns this kind of complex subject matter.

Game-Based Learning

Every online tutor has a different approach to teaching math. Some tutors will design the lesson plans based on knowledge of their students’ learning styles and preferences. The more an online tutor knows about the students’ strengths, the more the tutor can help the students during the session. Some tutors use charts, pictures, and other fun math tools to make math seem more like an enjoyable and challenging game, rather than a dreaded task. This kind of learning may help students in grasping complex math facts. By offering printable resources such as flashcards, online tutors offer students a way to keep focused on their math skills, even after the session is over.

Tests and Quizzes for Effective Learning

Conducting short tests and quizzes can be helpful for online tutors to assess how well their students are grasping the concepts of math. If an online tutor measures the progress of students by conducting regularly scheduled tests or quizzes, the result can be a great increase in their confidence levels. These quizzes should not be held too frequently, as the great majority of tutoring time should be spent in improving the students’ skills rather than checking their progress; however, the occasional use of tests or quizzes can be helpful for both tutor and pupils in the overall learning process.

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Opportunities in web-based tutoring: the future of personalized learning

Technology is increasingly being used for the delivery of educational material and interactive personalized learning. The role of sophisticated technology creates a learning environment for modern students to learn at their own pace, and access information from the comfort of their usual environments. The more innovations there are in technology, the easier it becomes for students to learn. Thus, technology redefines the online learning experience with robust tools and cutting-edge features. Today, more and more academic institutions are embracing online-based education, and the number of students enrolled in online tutoring programs is rapidly rising in colleges and universities. These developments create opportunities for thousands of online tutoring experts to explore the immense possibilities that web-based education offers.

Web-based personalized learning

Not all students are aware that an online tutoring solution is one of today’s most risk-free learning methods. The increasing demand for web-based tutoring requires skilled online tutors who can bring care and dedication to their sessions. Today, it is fairly easy to find an online tutor; however, students should seek out a dedicated online tutor who is really passionate about a particular subject or concept. Personalized learning can achieve its objectives only by providing adequate support and dedicated, enthusiastic tutoring for the learners. A computer, a reliable Internet connection, and an online tutoring professional are not in and of themselves sufficient to make learning effective. Successful personalized learning requires a combination of the assistance provided by the online tutoring professionals, the support of education managers, and access to quality education materials.

The future of Web-based learning

The latest technological advances in the online tutoring environment increase the need for well-planned strategies and lesson preparation. Improved online tutoring shaped by newer technologies increases the need for skilled tutors, students with a command of these newer tools and techniques, and a curriculum designed or created for web-based learning environments. The future of web-based learning needs institutions and organizations that can stay focused on implementing strategic plans suited for online education. The hybrid white boards on mobile devices and tablets have redefined the future of online tutoring, and technologies available to support online instruction improve day by day.

As a leading web-based learning service provider, Growing Stars has a proven track record, and offers the services of dedicated online tutors, many with advanced degrees. Our powerful whiteboard technology makes it possible for students to enjoy online tutoring with the devices and communication methods with which they are most comfortable.

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Online tutoring:experienced tutors at your fingertips

A number of universities and secondary schools throughout the United States have started offering online courses. With schools increasingly working with virtual providers, personalized one-on-one online tutoring is gaining increased acceptance as a cost-effective way to get educational help at home. When we talk about Internet-based learning, we are referring to a variety of tools and applications that take advantage of the now nearly universal access to the Internet.  These include white boards, Skype, Google Docs, YouTube and others.In addition to several new tutoring applications now available, more advanced and sophisticated tools are also being introduced to enhance the user experience in Internet-based learning

Instant Online Tutoring

Since the Internet has become affordable for many, ordering the services of an online tutor has become an easy task. Amid rapid growth in service providers offering customized online tutoring, students can use a credit card to connect with a live tutor—sometimes in less than a minute. Such 24/7, no-appointment-needed services can be especially helpful to students with tight budgets or busy schedules, or those in remote areas. However, there are significant advantages to sessions scheduled in advance, as such scheduling gives tutors sufficient time for preparing the lessons. These scheduled sessions are most needed in the case of longer-term tutoring projects. However, what might be termed “instant” online tutoring can be helpful for someone who seeks immediate help for very specific questions or exam prep.

Planned Online Tutoring

From the above, it can be argued that planned online tutoring is the best program for most elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as for college students and those of whatever age who are learning another language. In such online tutoring programs, prices typically range from about $15 to $40 per hour. These prices are usually less than what many skilled tutors charge for in-person sessions in a student’s home. Since no travel is involved in the online tutoring programs, they present students with more flexibility in scheduling sessions—which can be a real advantage if the student just needs a few quick questions on a homework assignment, or to prep for a quiz.

Additionally, online tutoring firms have advantages of economies of scale: they can gather large groups of highly qualified tutors to work with students around the world, providing their clients with resources that would otherwise be available only to those living in the largest cities.

Growing is one of the best online tutoring service providers in the United States, and is the pioneer in one-on-one tutoring with live tutors, many of whom possess advanced degrees. Our Internet-based tutoring increasingly replicates the experience of in-person learning, typically allowing students and tutors to talk, share files, draw diagrams, and exchange messages. Our highly qualified online tutors offer our students the most innovative and powerful academic assistance, along with the dedicated support of education managers.

Key attributes that an online tutor must have

Online tutoring can be great job, particularly for those who are very strong in particular academic subjects. However, this highly rewarding profession requires certain personal attributes. Being good at your subject and passionate about modern e-learning tools are not enough to guarantee that you will become a good tutor. If you want to become an online tutor, you will need to cultivate certain habits and attitudes in order to meet of the demands of modern education.

Passion for professional success

As in any profession, success comes to those who are strongly committed. Only an online tutor who is passionate about the tutoring job can achieve significant success. Prospective tutors need not only to have knowledge and credentials, but also to engage in a program of continuous professional improvement.

Active engagement in online tutoring

As an online tutor, you should realize that you will have to engage with your charges more than classroom teacher would. Aside from the knowledge you transfer, students also expect you to provide first-class customer service. Your dedication to your students should reflect the fact that we live in a fast-paced world of quick e-mail responses and instant messages,

Use of cutting edge technology

Online tutoring is evolving, as are all our new technology-enabled services and professions. With the adoption of new and sophisticated technological solutions, online tutoring has become easier for both students and tutors. As a tutor, you must be proficient with the tools you use with your students. You must be able to guide them through the usage of various applications, and help them to learn to use them independently.

Enthusiasm for mentoring

Online tutoring requires strong engagement from the online tutor. You will need to motivate students throughout any given online session. You will need to act as a mentor, constantly encourage the students’ motivation, and guide them through the learning process.

Growing Stars is a leading online tutoring company which offers very effective learning experiences for students all over the world. Our highly qualified and dedicated online tutors offer our students the most innovative and powerful academic assistance.

Some essential tools for online tutors

For an effective learning experience, an online tutor uses multiple educational tools during an online tutoring session. An online tutoring program permits students to find the right tutor at the right price, regardless of geographical or other constraints or issues. For online tutors, whether free-lancers or those in the employ of a well-known tutoring firm, Internet-based tutoring can present its own challenges, such as the lack of physically close ‘human interaction’ and difficulty in managing remote student sessions. However, when modern technology poses a problem, it also often creates the solution. There are a number of sophisticated applications which improve the learning experience, and streamline the tutor-student interaction. Some of these are discussed below.

White Boards

Interactive white boards have become an integral part of online-based learning. For online tutors, teaching becomes far easier with the application of these white boards. The technology has been improving day by day, resulting in the increased use of ever more powerful and sophisticated white boards. The latest trend is touch white boards, which permit the capture and sharing of basic video, animation, and still images.


An online tutor uses Skype for providing instruction to students. This amazing tool lets the tutors connect to others via instant message, audio conferencing, and two-way video. The increasing number of students who use Skype attests to the voice clarity and powerful features of the tool. Skype can also be used for sharing videos and other files.


Another impressive tool that can be used for tutoring is YouTube. Online tutors and training organizations are using YouTube to share educational resources with current students and future prospects. A well-constructed YouTube video can be a great help to tutors and students, even in highly complex subjects. Many the online tutoring companies create their own YouTube channel and upload videos recorded by their own subject matter experts.

Google Docs

Most teachers know about this popular collaborative tool, which can be one of the best for online tutoring. Google Docs is enabled with features that help an online tutor to share lesson plans and files in real time. Google allows online tutors and their students to create content and simultaneously edit text documents right in their browsers. This robust tool enables users to write reports, create combined write -ups, keep track of meeting notes, and much more.

Growing Stars

Growing is one of the best online tutoring service providers in the United States, and is the pioneer in one-on-one tutoring with live tutors. Our highly qualified online tutors offer our students the most innovative and powerful academic assistance, along with the dedicated support of education managers. As a leading online tutoring service provider, Growing Stars has a proven track record, and offers the services of dedicated online tutors, many with advanced degrees. For further details, please visit

Online tutoring will be the future of personalized learning

There have been revolutionary changes in K–12 education, represented by the shift to online tutoring based learning, and other advances that support highly personalized learning. As technology has transcended the conventional barriers of the classroom, it has enabled the growth of personalized learning. Students, educators, parents, and policymakers are all beginning to recognize that such personalization can lead to an increase of academic productivity.

A promise for the new generation of students

For a variety of reasons, some students have problems with conventional learning methods. Technology-powered “blended learning” holds great promise as it offers both instruction and content to today’s students at an affordable price. Personalized learning via online tutoring gives students more control over their education experiences. As Internet access becomes more affordable to all parts of the world, each student receives a more personalized learning experience, meaning increased student control over the time, place, medium, and pace of learning. If greater numbers of young people improve and accelerate their learning, graduate, and meet challenges in a competitive world, there will be multiplier effects on the economy and society as a whole

Helping people return to education

Millions of people have not been able to complete their educations for a variety of reasons, ranging from the personal to the financial to the social to the technical. Many of these people continue to cherish a desire to learn, but can do so only when a convenient learning environment emerges. With the advent of personalized learning via online tutoring, many individuals get an opportunity to learn their favorite subjects. Personalized learning has multiple benefits, ranging from cost effectiveness to highly specialized content catered to the needs of the individual learner. These advantages were difficult to realize with older technologies; but now, Internet-based study is available to help those people who want to resume their education. Genuine personalized learning takes place when skilled tutors who can provide in-depth subject knowledge can connect with students in any location who may be in need of their talents, skills, and services.

There are a number of U.S.-based online tutoring companies which offer very effective learning experiences for K-12 students all over the world. However, it is always advisable to seek the service of an online tutoring company that offers not only the services of highly qualified online tutors, but also the support of education managers. This type of well-managed, personalized online tutoring help students to stay focused, start a productive school year, and achieve academic success.

Online Tutoring for Home Schooling Children 

Homeschooling is one of the most flexible and diverse educational options available today. The concept of home schooling still maintains an appeal around the world, even amid an increasing demand for sophisticated learning environments. There are various styles of homeschooling, varying from family to family, depending on their particular needs. Today’s families have a variety of options, ranging from home schooling to charter schools, to independent study programs, to apprenticeships, and other alternatives to traditional public schools. In fact, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of homeschooled children each year, and this trend is expected to continue in years to come.

The Aspects of Home Schooling
Homeschooling is by no means a new concept, and it has attained acceptance even in a world where a career-oriented academic culture prevails. Homeschooling has its advantages and disadvantages. Homeschooling may not be the right choice for every family; parents who are unprepared or unwilling to make the commitment to be effective teachers should not try home schooling for their children. When properly implemented, home schooling can be highly rewarding; however it requires a great deal of dedication and effort from the parents and students involved.

Online Tutoring aids Home Schooling

There are many reasons why parents may want to homeschool their children. These range from religious convictions to matters of convenience, from concerns about the curriculum to issues of bullying. Some parents may not agree with the practices and curriculum of the local public school or there may be issues about schedule, violence, culture, etc. The wide array of online tutoring programs available today can greatly assist parent with the challenges of home schooling. Parents can arrange the service of an online tutoring service provider for their offspring, thus making it easier for the parents to maintain their own necessary daily schedules.

Advantages of online tutoring for home-school families include highly qualified tutors, a choice among tutoring service providers, and flexible scheduling for the tutoring sessions. Knowing the special needs of home-school families,, an established and highly-regarded American online tutoring company, offers very effective learning experiences for home-schooled students all over the world. Our highly qualified online tutors offer our students the most innovative and powerful academic assistance, thus helping to meet the goals of home schooling parents and students. If you are in search of a company that provides online tutoring for home-schooled students, please get in touch with Growing Stars.

Customized SAT preparation via online tutoring

Each student has an individual set of needs due to a variety of factors, including behavioral patterns, choices, and tastes. Thus, each student should have a unique way of learning when it comes to complicated challenges such as SAT preparation. Common learning practices may not bring desired results for many students as these practices and preparations address typical needs—which may or may not be those of any particular student.  Some students learn easily from abstract concepts; and for others, concrete examples are necessary to help grasp the underlying ideas and principles.

Intensive online SAT preparation course 

Test preparation can seem to be a Herculean task for students. The number of students who seek the support of an online tutoring agency for SAT preparation shows the increasing demand for online tutoring in today’s hectic world. However, an intensive, in-depth tutoring on all concepts and approaches to SAT questions paves the way for improved SAT learning and results. If students consider and understand their learning objectives and skills, online tutoring experts can prepare the best SAT learning plans for them.

The new SAT and new learning strategies

Since the SAT has undergone its biggest changes in 30 years, students who prepare for SAT should be aware of these changes prior to starting preparation courses. The new SAT made its debut in March, 2016 and impacts students in the classes of 2017 and following. Based on the new SAT, online tutors prepare strategic lesson plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. Integrated SAT courses help prepare students for the great learning challenges and complex concepts they will soon face.

Growing is one of the best SAT online tutoring service providers in the United States, and the pioneer in 1-on-1 tutoring with live tutors. The company has been successful in improving the grades of several thousands of American school children since it started offering services 12 years ago. Our SAT preparation via online tutoring begins with an initial Diagnostic Test, followed by an in-depth review. This will help us to create a customized tutoring plan for each student, based on the strengths and weaknesses we discover. After conducting a preliminary test, our dedicated online tutoring professionals will lead the students through a full-length supervised Practice Tests, and independent full-length Practice Exams given as home assignments. Our powerful SAT preparation online program includes a scorecard analysis, and gives feedback after every test to assess and identify those areas which need to be addressed.



Becoming an efficient online tutor requires perseverance and a passion for tutoring

Becoming an efficient online tutor requires perseverance and developing enduring relationships with students. Not all tutors are able to meet these high professional standards, particularly with a diverse group of students. Tutoring is a profession that requires patience and a helping mentality. Lack of these traits may lead some tutors to fail in establishing these long-lasting relationships. A student approaches an online tutor for help or support for in mastering challenging subjects or solving a complicated problem. Tutors must be able to identify the core issues that the student faces, and help with overcoming difficulties and improving confidence. If sessions are not beneficial to students, then they are unlikely to wish to repeat the experience. Conversely, tutoring sessions that truly help students will be the building blocks of long-term and productive relationships.

Listening to the students’ needs

An online tutor must not only listen to, but also understand all the students under the tutor’s care. Good communications will help the tutor to build rapport with students and guide them through the academic challenges they face together. Providing quality sessions focused on meeting the students’ learning goals from day one will help the tutor to build a personal connection with the student that is genuinely efficient. When the student works toward a specific academic objective, the key to success is keeping continuous motivation. Only a tutor with empathy for students can motivate them by making them feel confident and enthusiastic. Knowing this fact helps tutors to maintain a positive attitude that will be extremely useful during the tutoring sessions, in helping children stay focused on a task or lesson.

Encouragement for better learning

All children need encouragement in direct or indirect forms. Such encouragement is what inspires them to accept challenges in real life situations. If an online student needs encouragement, it may come in the form of inspiring quotes, or compliments on work well-done. The best online tutors are a role models who set a good example and motivate children to be successful. In addition to these “people skills”, the top online tutors need to be proficient in the latest technologies affecting their profession, such as shared remote white boards. Properly used, these technological skills can also inspire children to use these and other tools to continue their academic advancement.

Growing Stars is a leading online tutoring company, based in the United States, which offers outstanding learning experiences for students all over the world. Our qualified and dedicated online tutors, who excel at using modern online tools, can offer a powerful learning experience to students. If you are looking for an online tutor for your child, get in touch with Growing Stars. Our one-on-one online tutoring programs and dedicated online tutors are available to help your children maximize their academic potentials.

Helping your child become a good reader

Watching your child read is one of the great joys of parenthood. For many parents, seeing their children reading is a moment of considerable pride. A hugely important task for parents is listening to their offspring read, or helping them as they learn to read. Reading is one of the key foundations of academic achievement, and helping with reading will help your child be a successful student in school. Support from a great parent will encourage a child to be a reader and develop a love of the written word.

Reading paves the way for academic excellence

Reading is by far the most important way to access all available knowledge. Reading is the first step on the path to lifelong learning. Helping your child to love reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent—and it will be worth your time and energy. If you lack the time to help your child with reading, you may wish to look at an online tutoring company and their services. An online tutoring service provider can help your child improve reading skills, as qualified online tutors can offer a custom tutoring session in a one-on-one online learning environment. Being a reader gives your child the tools to be an achiever in the world.  Understanding complicated subjects such as mathematics, science, algebra, engineering, mechanics, and others requires a lot of reading and the discipline to concentrate and retain content. Learning these skills early makes your child well-prepared for these challenges.

Reading opens your child’s mind to the world

Not all children start out with the natural knowledge of words and critical thinking required to become a truly educated reader. Being a good reader helps the child lead a productive and enriched life, enabling the mastery of complex information, pursuit of passions, and achievement of goals. Reading opens your child’s mind to the world and greatly increases prospects for a better life in the future. When your child shows an interest in reading, it is a visible sign of an appetite for knowledge.  Thus, reading is the foundation of learning and parents should pay special attention to improving the reading skills of their offspring.

Researchers have found that a student who reads a great deal usually has improved problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  Such attributes are fundamental, and transferable to various areas and phases of learning.  Growing Stars, an excellent online tutoring service provider in the United States, offers reading comprehension assistance to learners around the world.