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7 things you should do in preparation for college

For most students, college is not just the next stage in their education but their first step into adult life. Most people live away from their parents for the first time when they go to college, and though this can be liberating and exciting it may also be overwhelming if one is not well prepared. […]

Your child’s education is the absolute most important aspect of their adolescence. Doing well in school not only paves the way for educational success, it will set them up for professional success as an adult. If your child is having a difficult time improving their grades, it may be time to step in and take […]

Online tutoring is exactly as it sounds; it is tutoring over an Internet connection. Students and tutors share an electronic whiteboard that both can see and use. The pair participates in a Skype conference call, which is also transmitted over the Internet. Online tutoring adds a degree of flexibility to the whole tutoring process. Students […]

College may be years away, especially if your child isn’t in high school yet. However, getting ready for college requires an early start. Academic preparation, career discussions, and college entrance exams are vital areas of focus to ensure that your child gets into his or her dream college. Start the College Discussion Early Preparing for […]