Success Stories

Sarah’s Success Story

Sarah, a junior at a public high school, has been using Growing Stars online tutoring service for the past two years. Her grades went up to As and Bs from a very low level, since she started with Growing Stars. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Sarah and her parents.

What subjects are you receiving tutoring?

Sophomore: Algebra II Trigonometry, Honors?Junior: Pre-Calculus, Honors?Summer: PSAT Crash Course

How often do you meet with your tutor?

Twice a week

How long have you been using Growing Stars?

Two Years.

How did you hear about Growing Stars?

Through a friend.

Does your child attend public, private school or being homeschooled?

Public Magnet School.

When you first signed up with Growing Stars what were your goals or expectations of an online tutoring service?

I was not sure how it would work but I loved the flexibility it provided. It was hard to find tutors to work around our schedule.

Has Growing Stars met your goals and expectations? If so, please provide specifics.

Growing Stars has exceeded our expectations. My daughter’s Math grades and test scores have improved dramatically. She is not stressed out about math any longer. Her tutor is very patient and kind. We love that tutoring sessions can be scheduled when it is convenient for us.

Has Growing Stars helped your child improve his/her grades?  If so, please explain.

Our daughter’s Math grades have improved dramatically.She gets all As and Bs now and before she was failing.

Do you feel your tutor is prepared for each session? If so, please elaborate.

Our tutor is always well-prepared for each session. She is ready to explain complex problems and theories in a way our daughter will understand them.

Does your tutor support and encourage your child’s learning goals? If so, please explain.

Our tutor is the nicest and most professional tutor we have ever used. We feel like she really cares about our daughter and is willing to spend extra time with Sarah until she understands a concept. We also appreciate that she is willing to work in extra sessions before tests. We love our tutor!

Would you recommend Growing Stars to parents looking to help their child improve their grades? If so, can you explain?

We would recommend Growing Stars to parents who not only want their child’s grades to improve, but also their understanding of the material. Our older daughter received straight As but did poorly on tests because she did not understand the material. Thanks to Growing Stars this is not occurring with our younger child. She UNDERSTANDS the lessons.

Growing Stars specializes in personalized one-to-one tutoring that includes receiving the same tutor every time, and using the same textbook your child uses in school.Tell us how this has helped you through the tutoring process?

We also love that Growing Stars has the exact same textbooks our daughter uses. Additionally, our tutor is able to “skip around the book” like my child’s teachers always seem to do.We also appreciate the follow-up Growing Stars does to continually evaluate their tutors and ensure our daughter is getting just the right help she needs.

Is there anything Growing Stars can improve on? If so, please provide specifics.

We can think of no way to improve what they are doing. We are extremely happy with Growing Stars. At first, I thought it was strange to have a tutor so far away but it has been such a blessing. We could never find tutors willing to work around our child’s and our family’s hectic schedules. Our Growing Stars tutor provides very individualized and precise tutoring in a very encouraging and supportive manner.

Our tutors are from India, has there been any disadvantages of using a tutor from another country? If so, please provide specifics.

None.We were wary about the service because we were not sure we wanted a tutor from India and we were not sure our daughter would be able to understand our tutor. Our experience confirmed what the company told us – only excellent English speakers are hired for American students. We have had no issue with having a tutor from India. With Skype and a Bamboo electronic writing tablet, you would never know our tutor and our daughter are in separate countries because they are literally “on the same page.”

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