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Choosing the Right Virtual Tutoring Service

Choosing the right virtual tutoring service for your son or daughter takes knowing what you want out of a supplemental education program. Virtual tutoring, like live tutoring, pairs a child with an experienced educator who can help him or her with a particular subject. This could be because the student is struggling or because a student wants to excel and go beyond what is being taught in the regular classroom. Quality virtual tutoring services provide flexibility and accountability while offering affordable rates to meet a variety of budgets.

Virtual Tutoring Flexibility

Virtual tutoring provides students and families with individualized programs that recognize a student’s unique needs. With traditional tutoring, a student works one-on-one with the tutor at a desk or table with textbooks, homework assignments, and special projects. Online tutoring uses the latest in technology to design a program based on diagnostic testing that helps the educational programmer prepare lessons to best meet your child’s needs. Online tutoring allows for flexibility in time and place for tutoring sessions, as the student is able to choose a comfortable location for tutoring sessions that inspires him to learn rather than be confined to a more traditional setting. Online tutoring also allows learning to happen on-the-go when vacations or other travel might otherwise interfere with tutoring sessions.

Virtual Tutoring Accountability

Online tutoring programs are unique in the amount of accountability they provide for students and families. Parent communication is key for student success, and online tutoring programs offer regular updates on student progress for parents whose children are in the program. Student learning goals are set at the beginning of the tutoring relationship and re-evaluated periodically to see if those goals are being reached. With regular contact between the parents and educational manager, the student knows he is accountable on a regular basis for the work he is doing.

Growingstars for Tutoring Success

Growing Stars online tutoring program is designed to meet your child’s educational needs. No matter where your child is in his learning career, Growing Stars can provide the educational assessment and individualized instruction your child needs to achieve success. Visit to learn more and start your risk-free trial.

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