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Overcoming Test Anxiety with Some Simple Steps

Test anxiety is a completely normal part of modern academic life. Even a student with good scores and grades may be anxious about important tests. If test anxiety is not addressed properly, it is likely to affect the confidence level of a student. Most students study hard and seem well-prepared, but some may begin to panic as they enter the testing room. This is a very typical sign of test anxiety. Whether for a key standardized test such as the SAT, or an important exam in the student’s regular courses, test anxiety has the power to derail weeks and months of hard work. Some students have a mild form of this problem, while others face a more severe version. By following some simple steps, students can overcome—or at least manage—their test anxiety.


Getting sufficient rest

Getting enough sleep is not easy for modern students. A busy lifestyle, as well as assignment and homework burdens, may prevent students from getting sufficient rest. However, good rest is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, students must learn to use time effectively and get things done before they need to retire for eight full hours of sleep. Getting sufficient rest will enable a student to study lessons properly, with a resulting reduction in test anxiety.


Preparation before the test

Developing a sense of motivated interest is essential for proper exam preparation. Without that sense of motivation and interest, it will be hard for a student to prepare properly for an exam. Proper preparation is essential for a student to face challenging tests. An online tutor’s service will be useful for a student prior to important exams. A dedicated online tutor can teach concepts related to the tests, and increase the confidence level of the tutee during test season.


Getting to class or testing hall early

Some students will arrive late, or with only seconds to spare. As feeling rushed will only increase anxiety, it is always a good idea to make sure the student is ready for the test at least 10 minutes before it actually starts.


Nurturing a positive attitude

It is not that easy for students always to stay positive. However, parents or an online tutor can help students maintain an upbeat attitude. Encouragement and appreciation from parents and a regular online tutor can help students improve their confidence levels. Some online tutoring companies offer the services of dedicated education managers who are good at helping students with a variety of academic issues. Students who receive such support are less likely to suffer from severe test anxiety.


Growing is one of the best online-based learning service providers in the United States, and is the pioneer in one-on-one tutoring with live online tutors. Seeking the help of an online tutor from Growing Stars will help students to master subjects and concepts, thus greatly reducing test anxiety. The continuing help from a highly qualified online tutor will help keep students focused on the subjects they are studying, resulting in both lower test anxiety and higher test scores.

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