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Online Tutoring vs Traditional Tutoring Methods

Online tutoring is widely used for its convenience and effectiveness compared to most traditional tutoring methods. Modern technology has created an entirely new format for tutoring and education in general, though reports show that parents may prefer in-person tutors to online. This may change, however, as the tutoring industry has been growing at 5% per year while going through some fundamental changes.

There are many differences between online and traditional tutoring, so let’s get down to the details.


Online Tutoring is Primarily Convenient

The convenience of online tutors can’t be beat. They are available at practically any time, can work around your schedule, and you can complete assignments when the time is right for you. You can find all kinds of tutors from all over the world, and you can choose to learn about any topic you can possibly imagine.


Some children may feel more comfortable learning digitally rather than face-to-face. Either way, online tutoring will prepare a child to live in a world connected by Internet, helping them develop basic typing, online networking, communication, and research skills.


Online tutors are typically able to give students more of their attention, because they do not need to worry about traveling. It is also often cheaper than traditional tutoring.


Traditional Tutoring is Live and In-Person

There will never be a substitute for the kind of personal, authentic relationship a child can develop with their tutor. This can create a very positive atmosphere that encourages learning and speedy progress. A student will never be able to have this kind of relationship while they interact only through a screen.


Traditional tutoring may also be easier for some less tech-savvy parents to monitor, as the tutor will probably actually come to the house and sit with the child. This gives parents a very tangible experience where they can see their child’s education in action, something they may not get with an online tutor.


On the other hand, a bad tutor can do more damage in person than an online tutor. Their lesson plans also tend to be more rigid and developed for the average student, instead of being tailored to the individual.

Overall, the many benefits of online tutoring should not be seen as a reason to abandon traditional learning. Instead, online tutors should be used to supplement and expand on the material learned with traditional methods.


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