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Improving Academic Grades With Online Tutoring

Students who are struggling with academic material in the classroom should have a wide array of options when it comes to reteaching new concepts and building back their confidence. One type of approach that can be personalized for each student’s individual needs is online tutoring. This lets students and instructors meet face-to-face in a virtual setting, where they can work through academic problems together.

Here at Growing Stars, we believe that online tutoring offers students an excellent chance to succeed in the classroom through our customized programs. The following are some ways online tutoring can help improve academic grades.

1. Tutors Work at the Student’s Pace

In a classroom of 30 or more students, even the most skilled teacher will struggle to give your child individualized instruction. If your child is reluctant to ask for help or draw attention to the fact that they’re falling behind, they will also begin to lose confidence in their abilities. Growing Stars prides itself on individualized instruction based on your child’s specific needs, and this one-on-one attention allows your child instant access to a trained professional the moment they have a question. By working at the child’s pace, they are helping to build skills and confidence, while also reducing anxiety.

2. It’s Convenient and Comfortable

After a long day of classes, sports, music or other after-school activities, the last place students (or their parents) want to be is in the car headed to a tutoring session. By allowing students to receive tutoring in the comfort of their own home, the setting is conducive to relaxed learning and remediation. When a child is comfortable in the situation, chances are their resistance to the idea of attending a tutoring session decreases.

3. Ease of Technology

All day long, kids carry around powerful computing machines in the form of their smartphones. Using technology is second nature for our kids — which you’ve surely found out when you ask them to fix one of your devices. When technology is the method of delivery for instruction and content, this is another factor that puts children at ease. Even if they are not quite as confident in their math skills, they are definitely confident that they can use the e-learning program with ease.
At Growing Stars, we provide easy and affordable online tutoring sessions for all students’ needs in the comfort of your own home.
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