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What to Look Out for in an Online Math Tutoring Service

It is important for parents to get help for their children when they are struggling with math before their child falls too far behind and becomes overwhelmed. The experts at understand how crucial it is for children to get math help early on when they first begin to struggle. Online math tutoring is a convenient and inexpensive way to get extra help for children in grades K-12, but there are certain things that parents may want to look out for when seeking an online math tutor.


It All Starts with Detailed Testing

An effective online math tutoring service will begin with extensive testing to determine each child’s learning style and particular math-related weaknesses. Based on the test results, a curriculum can be customized for each child to address specific math problems in a learning style that works best for that student. Grade level expectations should be set according to the standards in the state in which the child resides, and the same math textbooks should be used that are used in the child’s regular classroom.


Keeping Parents in the Loop

Before the final online math tutoring service  is implemented, it is important that the staff of tutoring professionals meet with each child’s parents to obtain helpful information that only parents would know and to settle on a tutoring schedule that is convenient for the family. Good online tutoring sites provide parents with regular updates on their child’s progress, and each child’s curriculum plan is adjusted as needed. A good online tutoring service offers each student’s parents a password-protected online portal that provides a wide variety of useful information pertaining to their child’s math progress.


Students Need Structure

Students receiving extra help via an online tutoring program tend to experience greater success when they have a structured program and regularly scheduled times for tutoring. Consistency is the key. Online tutoring classes combined with homework and testing, all at regularly-scheduled times each week tend to help students make measurable progress more quickly. Additionally, students seem to benefit from working with the same tutor throughout the entire math tutoring process.


State-of-the-Art Technology

A good online math tutoring program will include top-quality technology in order to make the learning process as efficient as possible. uses Skype’s Voice-over-IP (VOIP) service and its own unique online whiteboard. The students use computer-attachable tablets for writing on their whiteboards, and they also have headsets that enhance online voice communication with their tutors. With Growing Stars, students have their own sign-in and password details to access a portal with their customized math study program and homework.


Students who use’s tutoring services are not only assigned the same tutor for all of their online work, but have an education manager who is responsible for making sure that students make adequate progress and that parent/student learning goals are met. The affordably-priced service offers free homework options as well as a money- back guarantee for parents who are not satisfied with their child’s math progress.


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