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Online Spanish Tutoring

Help your child score better for just $120 for 8 sessions per month.

One-on-one tutoring with highly qualified tutors with experience in teaching Spanish in schools in the US and Peru.

All Spanish tutors speak Spanish and English fluently, and in most cases Spanish is the tutor’s native language.

Students get to practice their Spanish with a live person during every online tutoring session.

Tutors will follow the same curriculum that the students follow in school, and address a student’s individual needs in parallel.

Tutors can also create new curriculum and programs for people that are out of school and who just want to learn Spanish because of their work or their travels to different countries.

Tutors can help traveling business people and college students to brush up on their Spanish before making that next trip to Barcelona.

8 Hours/Month $120 per month
4 Hours/Month $80 per month
Customized programs are available. Call us at 800.499.4769 to learn more.

This easy to Start Program includes:

  • 8 scheduled one-hour sessions with a highly-qualified tutor (2 per week)
  • Monthly parent conference with one of our Education Managers
  • Growing Stars Classroom Software
  • No long term contracts

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