Java Programming

Though this is an introductory course, students are expected to have basic computer and Internet navigation skills.

Course Description:

Java is designed to be simple, object-oriented, and similar to C++ while removing the unnecessary complexities of C++. It is also considered to be a robust, architecturally neutral, portable, interpreted, threaded, dynamic and high performance language. Java enables the development of robust applications on multiple platforms in heterogeneous, distributed networks.

This course provides a sound foundation for writing, compiling, and executing Java programs. It covers the fundamentals of Java including class, method, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, etc. The course also introduces to the students the principles of Web applications development with the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) platform.

Course Structure:


Java language essentials structures: types, variables, operators, expressions, statements, control flow, arrays, strings

Theoretical foundation of OOP

OOP paradigm and principles: message passing, information hiding, object instantiation, class hierarchies, task delegation

Programming in Java

Encapsulation: Classes, interface and implementations, control of visibility, instantiation and initialization (constructors), methods and message passing
Inheritance: Properties, forms of inheritance, benefits and costs of inheritance
Mechanisms for software reuse: Polymorphism, composition and inheritance (Is-A and Has-A relationships), object constructions, interfaces, limitations of polymorphism in Java


Reuse of the concept principle: Frameworks in Java, Java Input/Output framework, The Java Application Framework, Web development – The Applet API
Principles of Java GUI: Interactive components, event delegation model, inner classes and adapters, layout managers, painting on the screen, advanced GUI issues.
Standalone GUI applications

How you benefit from this course:

On completion of this course you can become a Java programmer capable of developing complete applications in Java.

This course is the first step towards acquiring various Java certifications offered by Sun Microsystems.

This is an introduction to the exciting web world and Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Upon completing this course, you can pursue advanced courses on Web Design.

This course enables you to acquire additional skills like J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, etc., to improve your career potential.

How we conduct the Course:

This course is conducted in 15 sessions of 2 hours each, spread over 6 weeks. Total course duration is 30 hours. Classes are instructor-led, live, online and highly interactive. The trainer is a highly qualified IT professional with many years of software development experience.

Live examples will be used during the program so that students get an opportunity to experience the rewards of programming first hand.

This course is available at just $590 for 30 hrs.

Customized Java Tutoring : $20/hour

This easy to Start Program includes:

  • 8 scheduled one hour sessions with a highly-qualified tutor (2 per week)
  • Monthly parent conference with one of our Education Managers
  • Growing Stars Classroom Software
  • No long-term contracts

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