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Does My Child Need A Tutor?

Tutoring provides one-on-one educational support, which benefits most students, even if they aren’t struggling. Some students, however, need the extra help to process the information they learn from their teachers. The majority of students won’t just come out and say “I need a tutor.” It’s your job as the parent to determine whether your child needs the support of an online tutor. A parent can discover their child’s need by observing their child, questioning the teacher and monitoring communication from the school. The warning signs of a child needing a tutor are hidden, but straight-forward.


Poor Grades

Poor test scores, midterm reports and marking period grades can be obvious indicators your child needs a tutor. Low scores show that the student isn’t testing well, avoiding the work, or just not understanding the material. A qualified tutor can help determine testing issues, force dedicated study time and help the student learn the material.


Acting Out

A student acting out in school can mean he or she is confused or bored with the material. Both bored and confused students benefit from time spent with a tutor as the tutor can identify and remedy the source of the issue. Your child may already know the material and have advanced beyond the current grade level or missed a few key classes and doesn’t understand the current section of the curriculum.


Upcoming Major Test

If your child is going to take college entry exams, like the SAT or ACT, then your child should receive tutoring on how to take those tests successfully. Start the tutoring in the student’s freshman or sophomore year, so your young adult can take the test multiple times.


Word Warnings

Look for hints that your child feels confused, bored, and uninterested in their word choices. They may actually say “math class is boring” or “I didn’t learn anything today.” This a signal that your child needs extra motivation or assistance. If your child avoid talking about school, it may be a sign of needing a tutor. Children want to succeed and share their successes. What they don’t say is just as powerful as what they do.


Just Ask

Ask your child why she or he is getting poor grades and/or acting out. He or she may be having problems with the teacher or the teacher’s teaching style. Your child may be following the lead of another child in the class. It’s the simplest way to determine whether your child needs a tutor or if something more complicated keeps your child from succeeding at school.


When in doubt, get an online tutor for your child. Your child can always benefit from the extra support and educational assistance. Tutors can help answer questions about homework and keep the student motivated. What triggered you to wonder whether your child needed a tutor?

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