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How Personal Can Online Math Tutoring Be?

Math is a difficult subject for many students. Parents who have left their school days far behind them may worry that they won’t be able to help their child with a subject they themselves do not remember very well. But some parents may balk at an online math tutoring service because they are certain that it simply cannot measure up to a face-to-face connection with their child. However, when done correctly, online tutoring is a valuable tool in any student’s learning toolbox.


Personal Connection Does Matter

Not every student learns the same way and without getting to know a student personally, it can be difficult for a tutor to present the material in a way that makes sense to the student. This means that a parent’s concern that a tutor make a connection with their child is quite valid. Personal connection can mean the difference between an interested and engaged student, and an apathetic, bored one. With any online tutoring program worth its sort, the tutor must know the student and how to reach them. This makes learning a co-operative process, rather than a dictatorial one.


Technology Helps Foster a Connection

Technology communication is growing every day. Programs like Skype offer video chat, which means no matter the physical location of the student or the teacher, face-to-face contact is possible. With a video chat program, you get all of the advantages of tutoring math online in person, without the worries about transportation and scheduling. Through video chat programs, the tutor can read the student’s emotional reactions to the material, making it easier to pinpoint the student’s weak and strong points.


A Personalized Math Tutoring Program for Your Child

There should be more to tutoring math online than technological wizardry. Behind each screen should be a real tutor who cares about your child and wants to see them succeed. With, progress is tracked with a series of tests that lets the tutor know exactly what the student understands and what they don’t. With these standard sets of tests, the tutor can help your student work on their personal weak spots, and praise them on how far they’ve come. All of this information is a part of a customized program which is tailor-made to both the student and the requirements of their school’s curriculum.


Including Parents

It’s not just students who need to have a good rapport with their tutor. The parents also require this kind of connection to stay current with their child’s progress. Growing Stars gives parents access to all of the information that the tutors use to fine tune the student’s learning plan and works with parents to decide on what future goals should be as well as decide whether the student’s goals need to be adjusted. This way, math tutoring is a process that involves the entire family.


Online math tutoring can be a very personal experience when put in the right hands. By using available technology to its fullest, it can be as if the tutor is right in the room and then some. Growing Stars is one such service, offering comprehensive math tutoring along with a variety of other subjects.

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