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Math Made Easy

Math is a challenging subject and many children have a hard time with it. Some of the more abstract concepts in math may have been forgotten by parents who don’t use them on a daily basis, so it’s very common for parents to feel as though they are not personally equipped to help their child when they struggle with this subject. Online math tutoring is probably the best option for parents in this position.

Is your Child “Just Bad at Math”?

Everyone has different aptitudes and talents, and some people seem to pick things up very easily. Does this mean that certain children simply cannot learn math? Quite the contrary, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t take some children a little longer to get the hang of it. Just because your child doesn’t understand the material as presented to them in school, doesn’t mean they’re incapable of learning it. It just means that it hasn’t been explained to them in a way they can understand. By concentrating on a single student’s needs, online math tutoring can overcome a lot of obstacles in the learning process.

Different Learning Types

Some children understand when something is explained to them verbally, others understand when they do something or when they read something, still others need to see it in diagrams or physical objects. With so much material a teacher needs to go over, and so many children, teachers may not be able to explain concepts according to each student’s learning style. However, with personalized attention, a tutor focuses on one child’s learning style, rather than trying to cater to a group of students with different learning styles. In the end, this one-on-one approach makes learning math easier.


Teachers answer questions during school hours, but problems don’t always arise until the assignment is at hand. Nothing is more frustrating than having a child trying to complete an assignment which is due the next day, when neither you nor the child understands it. Having a knowledgeable professional person accessible to your child as they are doing the home work can make a huge difference in their ability to understand the material. Questions are answered as they arise, allowing assignments to be completed in a timely and correct manner.

Online Math Tutoring

To give your child a boost academically, tutoring is the obvious option, but is online math tutoring the best option? For families with limited finances or who just prefer to get the most out of their money, online math tutoring can be a blessing. By using your internet connection along with a microphone and webcam, it can seem as though the tutor is in the room without the need to pay for their gas or other materials. One site with a proven track record in online tutoring – – even offers testing to evaluate progress, and parental updates at every step of the way. is an online tutoring service that can help your child to comprehend aspects of math that simply aren’t clicking. With individualized support and extra face-to-face interaction via Skype, Growing Stars can help grades and comprehension to improve.

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