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Trends in K-12 Online Math Tutoring – What Parents Need to Know

Busy schedules and multiple activities can make classroom tutoring challenging at times. This is one of the reasons K-12 online math tutoring programs are becoming increasingly popular among both parents and students. Many students benefit from customized programs taught consistently by the same tutor using the students’ own school textbooks. Online tutoring can be done at convenient times that fit into the family’ schedules.


Skype, Whiteboard and Other Technology

One of the latest trends in online math tutoring programs is the use of Skype Voice-over IP services in conjunction with whiteboard technology. With this cutting edge technology, students are able to use a computer-attachable tablet to write on the whiteboard and solve problems. They may also use a headset to enhance online voice communication with the tutor. Students have their own password protected portals where they access lesson plans, instructional materials, tests and feedback from their tutors. In addition, there are websites designed especially for parents that include test results, progress reports, communication with tutors and other helpful information.


Learning Styles

One of the major benefits of K-12 math tutoring programs that are taught online is that students may be taught one-on-one according to their individual learning styles instead of in a classroom situation where they have to fit in with a group. Based on testing, online tutoring programs can be customized for students who are visual learners, auditory learners or tactile learners. Visual learners grasp concepts better when they are associated with images; auditory learners understand concepts strictly by listening to explanations and tactile learners are educated best by carrying out physical activities rather than by listening to lectures or watching demonstrations.


Special Support Services

There are a variety of extra K-12 math tutoring services that enhance online programs. For example, some services match students with teachers whose techniques will work best for their learning styles based on the students’ initial test results. Smaller children tend to learn best by playing games; therefore, sites that have tutoring programs designed as games have produced highly successful learning outcomes in the online tutoring world. Answer checker computer features are also helpful. Students may type math problems they do not understand into the answer checker application and get a step-by-step explanation to help them find the right solution.


Value Added Services

The best K-12 online math tutoring sites involve the parents as much as possible. They provide tips to parents, advice on helpful projects they can do with their children and they even provide programs in which parents may create practice worksheets that address specific areas in which their children need extra help. K-12 online math tutoring programs can also offer help to students as they make the transition from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school.


Students who grow up playing computer games and spend significant amounts of time on Facebook, Twitter and Skype tend to respond better to math tutoring services that are carried out online. The computer savvy generation is overcoming learning disabilities and achieving academic excellence through online tutoring services like

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