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How Online Tutoring Works

Getting Started
  • An Enrollment Coordinator calls to answer questions, choose an appropriate program and schedule the student’s weekly sessions.
  • Next, parents are connected with an Education Manager to discuss student learning goals and any other pertinent issues.
  • Students take a diagnostic test* online and begin sessions with a dedicated tutor.
  • Working with the assigned tutor, the Education Manager develops a personalized student learning plan.
Online Tutoring Sessions
  • Sessions are conducted with Skype’s Voice-over-IP service and Growing Stars’ online whiteboard.
  • Students use a computer-attachable tablet to write on the whiteboard, as well as a headset to enhance online voice communication.
  • Tutors teach from the same textbooks that students use in school.
  • Students can access home works, instructional materials, tests and lesson plans at our Student Portal.
  • Free, additional homework help is also available to Math students enrolled in our 8-hour/month programs.
Ongoing Communication with Parents
  • The Education Manager holds periodic conferences with parents to discuss student progress and share feedback.
  • With our Parent Portal, parents may access progress reports from the tutor or Education Manager, as well as lesson plans and test results.

* Diagnostic tests and free homework help are available to students in our Math subjects only.