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Getting Organized

In order to learn, you obviously need the right materials such as your textbooks, a calculator and a pencil. However, if you’re not keeping your materials and your schedule organized, you just might find yourself struggling to keep up. Here are some helpful tips to staying organized:


1. A Folder/Notebook for Each Class
Don’t combine all your notes and worksheets together. Have a folder and/or a notebook for each class. If you combine work in a folder or a notebook, you’ll have a difficult time sorting through the material when you need it. You may want to have a separate folder for announcements and papers you need to take home to your parents.
2. Chronological Order
Organize your notebooks and folders in chronological order. As you take notes or insert papers into a notebook, always leave the oldest work in front and continuously add new pages behind it. You may want to further organize by separating the folder into two halves – a side for homework and a side for classwork.
3. Three-Ringed Binders
Three-ringed binders can really help you to stay organized. They allow you to keep adding more papers by date and to easily be able to flip through to the papers you need.
4. Note Taking
When note taking, make sure you use headers and sub-headers, so you can easily look for information you need, and so your notes look neat and are easy to read. Make sure you date each one, so you’re able to look up notes for a specific date and so you know if you’re missing notes from any particular date. Never mix notes from different concepts or lessons on one sheet of paper. Although you may want to conserve the forests, you’re not doing yourself any favors by combining too much information on one page.
5. Declutter Regularly
Maybe the organizing part is a breeze, but a month later, your locker and folders are a disorganized mess. This is a good indication you need to learn how to get on a routine for decluttering. Maybe once a week or every two weeks, go through all of your folders and toss anything that you no longer need such as outdated event announcements and last month’s cafeteria menu.
6. Calendar
Use a calendar to mark down test dates, homework/project due dates and any special events going on at your school. This will make sure you know what’s going and when, so you’re not questioning or missing deadlines.
7. Make a To-Do List
Make a daily to-do list. Each day you should jot down everything you need to do and cross it off your list as you complete each task.
By decluttering, using a calendar and to-do lists, and using the right materials, you can stay organized and on top of your classwork. This will help you tremendously when it comes time to study. Plus, you can keep up with deadlines much more effectively.
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