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Five Things Every Student Needs To Succeed

Every student can succeed; they only need to dedicate time and effort into their schoolwork. The right environment can turn an average student into an honor roll student. It’s all in the preparation and atmosphere of the student’s home environment. Preparing your child for success starts at home with you and the way you emphasize education. Although students are individuals and their needs vary, students often become more successful in their education with set boundaries.


Set Homework Time

From the first day of school, parents should set a time for homework. This helps ensure that the student does well in school as homework counts toward the marking period grade and lets you know whether your child is struggling with a particular subject or concept. As the parent, it’s your choice to decide the length and time of day you set as dedicated homework time. After school often works well as the assignment is still fresh in the child’s mind. After dinner is another good option, because a parent can help with homework at this time of day. Choosing a consistent period of day for homework enforces the importance of finishing the homework and reinforces the value of their education.


Valued Learning Environment

Stress to your child the value of a good education. Talk about getting an education beyond high school and emphasize its importance to their future. Many recent college graduates are first or second generation to get a college diploma in their family. Discuss with them how earning or not earning a high school diploma and/or a college diploma affected your life. Be frank with them. Let them know you value education and they should, too.


Dedicated Extra Study Time

Choose an hour or two each week for your child to study beyond homework. It can be with you, a tutor or by themselves. This time will reinforce the value of their education. It also gives them time to prepare themselves for tests instead of cramming the day before. Good study skills are essential to a successful student.


Extracurricular Activities

Get your child involved with extracurricular activities as soon as they start school. There are plenty of choices to fit the interest of every child, including football, soccer, field hockey, math club and school plays. Extracurriculars look great on college resumes. These activities teach commitment, provide field trip opportunities and promote social interaction.




No student can spend all of their spare moments hitting the books or improving their college chances. Let your child find an outlet for school, as this will actually improve their performance in school. Don’t harp every day on whether he or she has a test coming up or an unfinished essay. Give them time to enjoy their childhood. This can range from allowing them to spend time with their friends on Friday and Saturday nights even with an upcoming test on Monday. Alternatively, you might make Sunday the one day each week when textbooks must remain in their backpacks. No matter how much you want them to succeed, over-emphasizing education can hurt their social development.



With the right attitude and structure, your child will be successful. Your guidance is crucial to their success. Start providing them the things they need to succeed early. How will you implement these five things every student needs to be successful into your child’s life?

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