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Some Essential Tools for Online Tutors

For an effective learning experience, an online tutor uses multiple educational tools during an online tutoring session. An online tutoring program permits students to find the right tutor at the right price, regardless of geographical or other constraints or issues. For online tutors, whether free-lancers or those in the employ of a well-known tutoring firm, Internet-based tutoring can present its own challenges, such as the lack of physically close ‘human interaction’ and difficulty in managing remote student sessions. However, when modern technology poses a problem, it also often creates the solution. There are a number of sophisticated applications which improve the learning experience, and streamline the tutor-student interaction. Some of these are discussed below.


White Boards

Interactive whiteboards have become an integral part of online-based learning. For online tutors, teaching becomes far easier with the application of these whiteboards. The technology has been improving day by day, resulting in the increased use of ever more powerful and sophisticated whiteboards. The latest trend is touch whiteboards, which permit the capture and sharing of basic video, animation, and still images.



An online tutor uses Skype for providing instruction to students. This amazing tool lets the tutors connect to others via instant message, audio conferencing, and two-way video. The increasing number of students who use Skype attests to the voice clarity and powerful features of the tool. Skype can also be used for sharing videos and other files.



Another impressive tool that can be used for tutoring is YouTube. Online tutors and training organizations are using YouTube to share educational resources with current students and future prospects. A well-constructed YouTube video can be a great help to tutors and students, even in highly complex subjects. Many the online tutoring companies create their own YouTube channel and upload videos recorded by their own subject matter experts.


Google Docs

Most teachers know about this popular collaborative tool, which can be one of the best for online tutoring. Google Docs is enabled with features that help an online tutor to share lesson plans and files in real time. Google allows online tutors and their students to create content and simultaneously edit text documents right in their browsers. This robust tool enables users to write reports, create combined write -ups, keep track of meeting notes, and much more.


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