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Children develop their interests in any subject based on their experiences and perception. Mathematics, as we know, is the study of numbers, counting, measuring and involves study of number patterns and their relationships and other more advanced topics.

If children develop a strong, early foundation in mathematics, they are far more likely to like their math classes, and less likely to develop a fear of the subject. We at Growingstars provide a systematic approach, which emphasizes the logical, sequential development of concepts.

Online Elementary Math

Our Elementary Math tutoring curriculum is composed of five basic strands. Our “concentric circles” approach to the curriculum means that ‘each strand is following a concentric circle approach from grade 1 to grade 6, meaning every year the student learns more concepts on the same strand ‘ moving into a higher circle results in deeper insight into the same concepts.

These strands are

Number sense and Operations
Algebra (restricted to patterns)
Geometry and Spatial sense
Data Analysis and Probability
These topics help to build confidence, to lead to a better understanding of math, and to develop mathematical skills. Online Math Tutoring from Growing Stars will help your children get a firm grasp of the fundamental math concepts when they are in elementary school, and higher level math when they are in high school. Our math tutors help children with math from the elementary grades through high school graduation.

Each program starts with 4 risk-free sessions. See our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

8 Hours/Month $120 per month

4 Hours/Month $80 per month

Customized programs are available. Call us at 800.499.4769 to learn more.
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