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Customized SAT Preparation via Online Tutoring

Each student has an individual set of needs due to a variety of factors, including behavioral patterns, choices, and tastes. Thus, each student should have a unique way of learning when it comes to complicated challenges such as SAT preparation. Common learning practices may not bring desired results for many students as these practices and preparations address typical needs—which may or may not be those of any particular student.  Some students learn easily from abstract concepts; and for others, concrete examples are necessary to help grasp the underlying ideas and principles.


Intensive online SAT preparation course  

Test preparation can seem to be a Herculean task for students. The number of students who seek the support of an online tutoring agency for SAT preparation shows the increasing demand for online tutoring in today’s hectic world. However, an intensive, in-depth tutoring on all concepts and approaches to SAT questions paves the way for improved SAT learning and results. If students consider and understand their learning objectives and skills, online tutoring experts can prepare the best SAT learning plans for them.


The new SAT and new learning strategies

Since the SAT has undergone its biggest changes in 30 years, students who prepare for SAT should be aware of these changes prior to starting preparation courses. The new SAT made its debut in March, 2016 and impacts students in the classes of 2017 and following. Based on the new SAT, online tutors prepare strategic lesson plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. Integrated SAT courses help prepare students for the great learning challenges and complex concepts they will soon face.


Growing is one of the best online SAT tutoring service providers in the United States, and the pioneer in 1-on-1 tutoring with live tutors. The company has been successful in improving the grades of several thousands of American school children since it started offering services 12 years ago. Our SAT preparation via online tutoring begins with an initial Diagnostic Test, followed by an in-depth review. This will help us to create a customized tutoring plan for each student, based on the strengths and weaknesses we discover. After conducting a preliminary test, our dedicated online tutoring professionals will lead the students through a full-length supervised Practice Tests, and independent full-length Practice Exams given as home assignments. Our powerful online SAT preparation program includes a scorecard analysis, and gives feedback after every test to assess and identify those areas which need to be addressed.



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