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Writing & Grammar Tutoring

Writing & Grammar Tutoring

Grade 7-10

The center of all language instruction is Grammar. Gaining confidence in proper grammar is necessary for editing and revision skills, which in turn give more confidence in the ability to write persuasively.

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Depending on the needs of the individual student, this course will cover topics such as sentence parts, clauses, diagramming, usage of pronouns and verbs, punctuation, pronoun-antecedent agreement, subject-verb agreement, and others. In addition, the students will engage in stylistic exercises on topics such as parallelism, passive vs. active voice, dangling modifiers, unclear pronouns, illogical subordination, etc. Along with reinforcing sentence building and editing skills, the grammar review provides the vocabulary of grammar and style that serves as a foundation for clear and persuasive writing.

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The proficient online tutors of Growing Stars assist our students to master the conventions of the English language, with ongoing practice and greater complexity as they increase their understanding of the grammar skills needed for successful writing. Tutors guide our students to meet grade-appropriate ELA (English Language Arts) standards in writing and presentation. Through various types of writing, students are given instructions in expressing their ideas, and in supporting those using valid arguments. Attention is given to developing vocabulary, constructing error-free sentences, and strengthening overall writing abilities. While regular practice sessions based on grammar aid in learning the conventions of the language and its usage, our vocabulary enrichment activities ensure that students acquire knowledge of a varied and comprehensive set of words. Growing Stars coaching is aimed at helping our students achieve a command of the language that will be beneficial to them at all stages of their academic life.

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