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Spanish Tutoring

Spanish Tutoring

Native speakers of Spanish are employed as tutors from Growing Stars. They provide our students with a firm grasp of Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. These online tutors can bring the use of Spanish in real-life situations to our students. In addition to their native language skills, all the Growing Stars tutors have been trained in the best techniques for online language tutoring.

Hire a native speaker of Spanish

Learning any foreign language has inherent challenges. In an academic environment, these usually include homework, quizzes, tests, verbal drills. These can become a nightmare…but with a Growing Stars tutor, who enjoys the advantages of fluency in Spanish, the nightmare can become a pleasant dream! Our Spanish-language tutors will be able to help those who need good grades in their school courses, as well as those who need or want to use Spanish in their daily lives.

Learn Spanish Online

Students receiving tutoring from the native speakers of Spanish employed by Growing Stars can improve their confidence in their speaking, reading, and writing of this beautiful and elegant language. This can lead to better grades in classes and improved scores on standardized tests.Tutors can follow the same curriculum that the students follow in school, and address a student’s individual needs in parallel.Tutors can also create new curriculum and programs for people that are out of school and who just want to learn Spanish because of their work or their travels to different countries.

Tutors can help traveling business people and college students to brush up on their Spanish before making that next trip to Barcelona.

We have different levels of Spanish online tutoring

Spanish Beginners $15 per hour

Spanish Intermediate $16 per hour

Spanish Advanced $19 per hour

Customized programs are available. Call us at 1800 499 4769 to learn more.