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Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Grade 1-6

The divide between people who like to read – and those who don’t – often goes back to experiences in the elementary grades. A child who begins on the right path of reading for both self-improvement and enjoyment has huge advantages over another youngster who is bored, baffled, or annoyed by having to look at a printed page. Our trained tutors will help your child get on and stay on that right path of life-long literacy.

Improve Reading Comprehension online

All students need competence in reading comprehension. The very able online tutors at Growing Stars can provide explanations that help students improve their reading comprehension of the books that become increasingly challenging as children progress through elementary school. Although some students may find reading difficult, a well-trained tutor can identify a student’s specific weak points, and tailor the lessons so that the abilities and grades of the young scholars improve.

Hire an expert reading comprehension tutor

The experienced Reading Comprehension tutors from Growing Stars help their students to achieve their goals. We have a staff of online tutors who are expert at teaching students the fundamental skills needed to understand the written word, from simple instructions through more complex works of fiction and non-fiction. By helping young students with their reading comprehension, an online tutor can help lay the foundation for thriving at school and overall academic success.


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