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Physical Science Tutoring

Physical Science Tutoring

Energy and matter are the main components of Physical Science. Any of several branches of Science, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy that study the nature and properties of energy and nonliving matter are considered part of Physical Science. It is one of three standards-based Science courses offered at the Middle School level. Students who pursue studies in Physical Sciences will be well-equipped for both scientific and non-scientific careers in a wide range of fields. The major also offers excellent preparation for graduate study in the Sciences as well as for graduate study in Engineering, Law, and Medicine.

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The main topics included in our Physical Science course are Properties of Matter, States of Matter, Atomic Structure, the Periodic Table, Chemical Bonds, Chemical Reactions, Acids and Bases, Nuclear Chemistry, Forces and Motion, Forces in Fluids, Work Power and Mechanics, Energy, Thermal Energy and Heat, Mechanical Waves and Sound, Electromagnetic Spectrum and Waves, Optics, Electricity, and Magnetism.

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The online Physical Science tutors of Growing Stars support students in developing practical knowledge used in explaining the real-world phenomena of Physical Science. Our tutors focus on helping our students in understanding scientific practices, analyzing and interpreting data, constructing explanations, and using these practices to demonstrate an understanding of core ideas. Our online tutors emphasize improving the ability of our students to understand physical concepts and to solve real-world scientific problems, which requires clear critical thinking about all scientific topics.



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