Online Statistics Tutoring

Online statistics tutoring from Growing Stars provides students with the help they need from experienced, professional teachers at a time that is convenient for the entire family. Working one-on-one with an online statistics tutor helps to improve grades and understanding of the complex concepts required in statistics. Our tutors provide individualized instruction and homework help, and assist students in preparing for tests to improve grades quickly.

Online Statistics Tutor

Our highly educated and experienced online statistics tutors have Masters’ Degrees in their subject areas and additional training and certification for online instruction. Our program includes 2 one-hour sessions with an online statistics tutor each week; homework help; and a free initial assessment test to help students learn the skills needed to keep up with the class and improve their academic performance.

The process starts with a free assessment to identify your child’s current level of knowledge of statistics and math skills. The online assessment test provides information to help us determine the individual student’s strengths and identify areas of weakness. This information is used to design a custom curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the student. Your child’s teacher will also perform ongoing assessments, in order to provide instruction that meets the changing needs of each student.

In online statistics tutoring sessions, the teacher will work on gaps in previously-learned skills and teach the complex concepts of statistics in an easy-to-understand, systematic way. The tutoring sessions are designed to build on prior knowledge and teach the concepts incrementally. Please contact us today by telephone or request more information on our website.






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