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Algebra is the foundation of higher mathematics and is the branch of mathematics concerned with the rules of operations and relations, and the concepts arising from them, including terms, polynomials and equations. If a student does not understand some mathematics principles and skills today, it will lead to difficulty in understanding of the new mathematics principles and skills of tomorrow. Algebra is a bridge between the concrete math studied at the elementary level and the abstract math studied in high schools and colleges. First-year algebra is also the minimum math requirement for graduating from school, proceeding with higher math, or even getting a job in today’s technological economy. All professionals from electricians to computer scientists use algebra. Study of algebra involves not only coming up with a method but also analyzing why that method works. Topics in Algebra include:

  1. Arithmetic to Algebra
  2. Expressions and Equations
  3. Graphs
  4. Linear Equations
  5. Basics of Functions
  6. Exponents and Radicals
  7. Polynomials
  8. Quadratics

While teaching the above topics our online tutoring sessions include questions which apply to situations in different walks of life. A well-learned and intelligent teacher can provide explanations with precision and relevance. As a result, the student will also develop an interest in the subject.

Our online algebra tutors ensure that students have a firm grasp of the fundamental algebraic concept of variables representing numbers, which serves as a foundation for mastery of the more advanced topics listed above.

Each program starts with 4 risk-free sessions. See our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

8 Hours/Month $128 per month
4 Hours/Month $80 per month
Customized programs are available. Call us at 800.499.4769 to learn more.
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