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Molecular Biology Tutoring

Molecular Biology Tutoring

Molecular Biology is beginning to uncover many unrevealed areas of its ultimate unit, the living cell! Advances in Molecular Biology are transforming medical practice and are changing the paradigms of Medical Science. Molecular Biology has identified many unifying principles that underlie all life forms, and in doing so, has blurred distinctions among Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Zoology, and Botany.

Our college Molecular Biology program provides students with the education needed to excel in Biological Research and Biotechnology. Students who obtain a concrete knowledge of Molecular Biology have a choice of career paths in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Agricultural fields. A good understanding of Molecular Biology will also help you to make sound decisions in everyday life, creating a positive impact on your health.

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The course mainly focuses on the study of the structure of DNA, DNA replication, Transcription and Translation, and regulation of Gene Expression. It covers Chemical and Molecular Foundations, Cell Organization and Biochemistry, Transport of Ions and Small Molecules across Cell Membranes, Cellular Energetic, Molecular Genetic Techniques and Genomics, Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression, Signaling at the Cell Surface, Integrating Signals with Gene Control, Membrane Trafficking, Cytoskeleton, Cell Cycle and Cell Growth Control, and others.

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The Growing Stars online Molecular Biology tutors give our students a deep insight into the topics covered, in a collaborative environment, which will help to integrate and extend knowledge of this discipline. Our expert tutors emphasize basic principles that underpin the processes, concepts, and techniques of Molecular and Cell Biology, thus providing a solid grounding for further study. This approach will enable our students to critically assess biological information and apply it in theoretical, experimental, and professional contexts.

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