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MATHCOUNTS Preparation

MATHCOUNTS Preparation

The MATHCOUNTS competition is a fun and challenging Math program designed for Middle School students to boost their Math competency and to promote Math excellence. The program features a series of competitions with elimination rounds based on team and individual efforts, which start at the regional level, leading to statewide competitions, and culminating in a national competition. The MATHCOUNTS competition helps students to lay a solid foundation for future success.


MATHCOUNTS topics include Arithmetic, Algebra, Counting, Geometry, Number Theory, Probability, and Statistics.

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The expert MATHCOUNTS online tutors of Growing Stars focus on developing the mathematical problem-solving skills of our students. Our tutors provide students with an experience that takes away the fear of Math, inspiring curiosity and building confidence. The focus is on making students understand clearly how the concepts work, which enable them to apply that knowledge to different problems and situations.


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