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Malayalam Tutoring

Malayalam Tutoring

Malayalam is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is the official language of the state of Kerala and Lakshadweep -one of the union territories in India. Among the reasons for studying Malayalam are the following: perhaps your family is originally from Kerala and you would like your family to maintain a rich linguistic and cultural heritage. Or, you may be involved in business activities with partners, customers, or suppliers located in Kerala. Maybe you are planning a longer visit to Kerala, and wish to make the most of this experience. Whatever your motivation, Growing Stars tutors can help you learn this challenging and fascinating language. With Growing Stars, online Malayalam tutoring can be much easier, and even enjoyable!


Online Malayalam Tutoring

We offer one-on-one tutoring from highly qualified tutors with experience in teaching Malayalam in schools. All our Malayalam tutors speak Malayalam and English fluently, and in most cases Malayalam is the tutor’s native language. Students get to practice their Malayalam with a live tutor during every online tutoring session.Tutors can also create a new curriculum and programs for people that are out of school and who want to learn Malayalam because of their work or their travels to the Malayalam-speaking areas India.

Speak Malayalam with an online tutor

Native speakers of Malayalam are employed as tutors from Growing Stars. They provide our students with a firm grasp of Malayalam vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. These online tutors can bring the use of Malayalam in real-life situations to our students. In addition to their native language skills, all the Growing Stars tutors have been trained in the best techniques for online language tutoring.

Hire a native speaker of Malayalam

Learning any foreign language is full of a variety of challenges. With a Growing Stars tutor, who enjoys the advantages of fluency in Malayalam, this can be made much easier, and even enjoyable!


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