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Linear Algebra Tutoring

Linear Algebra Tutoring

Linear Algebra provides foundations for many branches of Math and Science, and is crucial in engineering and applications involving differential equations. Linear Algebra involves the study of Vector Spaces and Linear Maps. These techniques are used in Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, and other disciplines. Our Linear Algebra tutors are standing by to help you master Linear Algebra.

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The course focuses on Matrices and Determinants, and Applications. It covers Systems of Equations, Gaussian Eliminations, Matrices, Determinants, Vector Spaces, Inner Product Spaces, the Gram-Schmidt Process, Linear Transformation, and Eigen Value Problems. This course helps the students to understand methods of solving System of Equations and problems involving Differential Equations.

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Emphasis is placed on making the student proficient in the standard techniques of Linear Algebra, and in understanding both abstract mathematical structures and their concrete applications. The expert online Linear Algebra tutors of Growing Stars assist our students in using these techniques in a variety of applications and help them comprehend why these approaches work. Our tutors aim at making the students understand the theoretical concepts well, and enabling them to select and use appropriate techniques for finding solutions to Linear Algebra problems.

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