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IGCSE Physics Exam Preparation

IGCSE Physics Exam Preparation

The Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate Of Secondary Examination) Physics syllabus helps students to explore energy and matter, which are the basic building blocks of the Universe. The students are introduced to a range of fascinating phenomena and discover explanations concerning the technological world in which they live, which in turn build up an informed interest in science and scientific developments. They learn to evaluate and understand the benefits and drawbacks of scientific and technological changes.

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The course covers General Physics, which includes Length, Time, Mass and Weight, Density, Forces, Work, Pressure, Momentum, and Scalars and Vectors; Thermal Physics, which includes Simple Kinetic Molecular Mass and Thermal Processes; Properties of Waves, which includes Light, Sound, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum; Electricity and Magnetism, which includes Simple Phenomenon of Magnets, Electromagnetic Effects, Electrical and Digital Circuits; and Atomic Physics, which includes Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity.

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The Growing Stars online tutors aim to impart a systematic body of scientific knowledge and skills, and to foster an appreciation of the practical nature of Physics. Our proficient IGCSE Physics tutors reinforce understanding of the theoretical ideas by guiding students through all the areas covered in the course. This approach enables our students to select, organize, and present information clearly and logically, using appropriate scientific terms and conventions.

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