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IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation

IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation

Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Examination) Biology emphasizes Human Biology, helps students to understand the technological world, and gives them an informed interest in Science and scientific developments.

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Topics for IGSCE Biology include Classification of Living Organisms, Cells, Enzymes, Nutrition, Transport Systems in Plants and Animals, Excretion, Respiration, Coordination and Response, Homeostasis, Genetics and Evolution, Human Influences on the Ecosystem, and others. Major emphasis is on the study of Human Body and the Organ Systems. Students also learn how human activities are causing a threat to nature. They are exposed to processes such as Photosynthesis and Transport Systems in Plants.

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Students develop an informed interest in the subject when they learn with expert IGCSE Biology online tutors from Growing Stars. As they progress, students understand how Science is studied and practiced, recognize the usefulness and limitations of the scientific method, and develop an interest in, and care for, the environment. They also widen the knowledge and scientific skills which are crucial for further study at Cambridge International A Level.

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