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Science Tutoring

Science Tutoring

Grade 7-10

Middle school is often the time when students either embrace or abandon their natural curiosity about Science. The foundation students build in Science can support them throughout their education. Middle School Science programs get the students interested in investigating the world around them, as these studies encompass a diverse spectrum of scientific fields. Students who choose to pursue that interest might turn Science into a career. Science is not just a body of knowledge; rather it is a way of viewing the information we acquire about the world around us. Children develop their ability to ask scientific questions, chart experiments to answer these questions, and develop logical explanations based on their observations.

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The course covers Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, the relationship and the social and environmental perspective of Science and Technology. Science course of Growing Stars, including its content and delivery, is tailored to suit the need of the individual student enrolling for the course.

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The online Science tutors of Growing Stars guide the learning process of our students by reinforcing the key concepts, making them familiar with the language of Science. Emphasis is kept on building up basic concepts by challenging our students, which in turn helps to boost enthusiasm to enhance their scientific knowledge in the years to come. Our expert tutors integrate various methods and practices to create learning environments where different types of students are engaged and inspired to excel in Science.

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