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Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Grade 7-10

Strong reading comprehension is one of the most valuable skills a student can have. No matter how skilled a student is at reading comprehension, there is always room for improvement. Most students master the basics of reading in Elementary School. However, many struggle with comprehension problems later on, if they have difficulty in making sense of common words used in unusual ways, monitoring their own understanding, comprehending new content, and making sense of specialized terms.

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When students are engaged in high quality, text-based discussions, they come away with much clearer and more nuanced understanding of materials. Discussing a passage with provocative questions and keeping the conversation focused is a primary step in helping the student to develop sharper critical reading skills. Students will soon monitor their own level of understanding, take notes, and summarize accurately—all key steps to acquiring meaningful comprehension.

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The online tutors of Growing Stars guide our students to meet grade-appropriate ELA (English Language Arts) standards in reading literature and informational materials. Our expert Reading and Comprehension tutors enhance the critical thinking skills and the ability to attentively read texts in a way that will help our students understand and enjoy complex works of literature. The students learn to read for understanding, to make inferences, and to support arguments with textual evidence. We take the student through steps to identify text structures, provide strategies to use contextual clues, comprehend deeper meanings including use of figurative language, and grasp various texts while making intertextual connections. Growing Stars aims at developing cogent reasoning and evidence collection skills in our students, which are essential for success in their college, career, and life.

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