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Graphic Design Tutoring

Graphic Design Tutoring

This course explains the basic concepts of Graphic Design. Advertisements in both print media and on the Internet depend on Graphic Design. Today, a beautiful and attractive website is essential for a thriving business. This course introduces elements of good website design and helps you to apply your design talents. Adobe Photoshop is introduced as a key application used in web design. Our graphics design tutors help students can build their own websites utilizing Photoshop after learning basic design concepts.

Topics Include:

Graphic Design
Print Design  Web Design
Elements of Graphic Design
Logos, Banners, Advertisements
Book Design, Brochures, Bill Boards
Product Packaging, Posters
Magazine & News Paper Layouts
Greeting Cards

Web Design Basics
Elements of good Design
Fonts and Typography
Usage of Color
Graphics & Images
Web Layout basics
Web Navigation
Accessibility and Usability


Creating a unique website header
Designing website layout
Slicing your layout in Photoshop
Creating a website
Simple Banner & Logo design
Image retouch
Shaping Text

This course prepares you for the world of Graphic Design, including Print and Web Design.On completion, you will be able to create colorful web pages using Adobe Photoshop.This course opens opportunities for the development of World Wide Web (WWW) applications. You will be able to pursue advanced courses in Web Design and Development.

Learn Graphic Design online  

The Graphic Design tutors from Growing Stars provide our students with a sound basis in the principles and skills involved in this type of Design. These tutors can explain these concepts in a relevant and engaging fashion. Our well-trained tutors can identify those areas where a student most needs help and practice to improve.

Engage an expert Graphic Design tutor

An online Graphic Design tutor providing well-planned instruction makes the task of learning these new skills far less daunting.  The well-qualified Graphic Design tutors from Growing Stars help their students to acquire abilities useful in the real world. Our staff of online information technology tutors are expert at teaching students both Graphic Design and the use of PhotoShop.

Customized Graphic Design Tutoring: $21/hour