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GCSE Biology Exam Preparation

GCSE Biology Exam Preparation

Do you have a keen interest in studying life and life processes? GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) Biology is an important qualification which allows you to progress on to a range of higher-level courses, in a wide variety of subject areas.  Biology topics ranging from Human Health to Ecology are covered in the course. Biological information is used to help humans improve their own lives and endeavor to make a sustainable world for future generations.

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Our course covers the knowledge, understanding, and skills for GCSE specifications in Biology. Topics include Cell Biology, DNA & Genetics, Stem Cells, Transport Systems in Multi Cellular Organisms, Nervous System, Nervous Coordination & Control in Humans, Hormonal Coordination & Control in Humans, Health, Disease & Development of Medicines, Plant Growth & Responses to the Environment, Homeostasis, Photosynthesis, Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Inheritance, Variation & Evolution, and others. Students are taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of Biological Science in ways that help to develop curiosity about the natural world, insight into how Science works, and appreciation of its relevance to their everyday lives.

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The online tutors of Growing Stars teach GCSE Biology in a way that enables our students learn how to collect and interpret information about the natural world, to identify patterns, and to relate possible cause and effect. Students are helped to understand how, through the ideas of Biology, the complex and diverse phenomena of the natural world can be described by a small number of key ideas with universal application. Our tutors encourage the students to be inspired, motivated, and challenged by the subject of Biology.

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