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College Statistics Tutoring

College Statistics Tutoring

Statistics is a discipline concerned with the rigorous mathematical description of data, and of drawing inferential conclusions from data. Like Economics or Physics, Statistics makes profound and crucial use of Math but has its own subject matter. Statistical reasoning is used in innumerable ways to advance our society: you can help the economy, protect the environment, create new marketing strategies, assess a drug’s efficacy, and contribute in many other ways to a better world through the intelligent application of statistical principles!

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Statistics use Mathematical notation and Calculus and move from problems that are concrete to those that are increasingly abstract. Our course covers Basic Statistics and Inferential Statistics, using a Graphing Calculator or Excel. Topics include Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Probability Distribution (Binomial, Geometric, Poisson, Hypergeometric, Uniform, and Normal), Confidence Intervals, Testing of Hypotheses, Regression Analysis, Chi-Square Distribution, and others.

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The online tutors of Growing Stars for College Statistics help you with “the science of learning from data”. We help you to use Math to reach logical conclusions about probability and to analyze and interpret empirical data from surveys and experiments. By analyzing trends and patterns in data you will be able to hypothesize about probable and possible future developments and create solutions that are based on a sound mathematical understanding of real-world phenomena.

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