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College Genetics Tutoring

College Genetics Tutoring

Genetics, one of the rapidly growing areas in the Life Sciences, has become the basis for understanding many aspects of medical and agricultural systems, from animal and plant diseases and improved diagnoses of human diseases, to the production of viral resistant crops, to environmental cleanup. It is a field of Biology that is strongly linked with the study of Information Science, but which also intersects with many other Life Sciences. Students who develop the necessary knowledge and skills can pursue advanced studies in several different aspects of Genetics, and in many disciplines related to Life Sciences, from Medicine to Veterinary Medicine to Genetic Engineering. This basic curriculum also has enough flexibility to allow a student to prepare for diverse careers in Forensics, Medicine, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Business, Biomedical Fields, Pharmaceutical Industry, Teaching, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and others.

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This course covers the fundamentals of Genetics, including Genetic Variation and Heredity in Living Organisms. Genes are the masters of our body which notify us to make different types of proteins and function accordingly. Topics in this course include Chemical Structure of Genetic Material, Gene Recombination, Chromosome Mapping, Genetic Mutation, Gene Expression and Regulation, Applications of DNA Technology, Quantitative Inheritance, Genetic basis of Evolution, and others. Some illnesses are genetically linked to a specific change in a single gene which can cause drastic, life-altering changes in health. Information in Genetics can diagnose, treat, and prevent many illnesses. Research in the study of Gene Defects and steps to rectify them is constantly evolving.

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The tutors of Growing Stars provide a supportive environment for our students to understand the full spectrum of Molecular, Evolutionary, and Population Genes. Our professional online College Genetic tutors skillfully illustrate basic principles in Genetics, emphasizing conceptual understanding and scientific inquiry, which are designed to kindle an interest in our students to explore the current explosion in Genetics Research.

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