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Differential Equation Tutoring

Differential Equation Tutoring

Scientists and engineers comprehend the world through Differential Equations. Understanding the properties of, and solutions to, Differential Equations is fundamental for much of modern Science and Engineering.

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This course provides an insight into the topics covered in Ordinary Differential Equations. It covers First-Order Differential Equations, Higher-Order Linear Differential Equations, Laplace Transform, System of Differential Equations using Matrices and Eigen Values, Numerical Solutions, Initial Value Problems, and a brief introduction to Partial Differential Equations. Upon completing the course the student will be able to understand, model, and solve problems related to Ordinary Differential Equations.


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The Differential Equations online tutors of Growing Stars emphasize the ability to understand the concepts and solve problems and applications, stretching our students’ minds. Our expert tutors work with our students to attain a deeper understanding of problems and exercises, and to provide assistance in problem-solving. The resulting insights are crucial for the understanding of the subject and necessary to develop students’ skills and competencies.

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