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College Chemistry Tutoring

College Chemistry Tutoring

College Chemistry is a broad synopsis of General Chemistry, with a preface to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. The importance of Chemistry cannot be overstated. Our universe is composed of chemicals, and learning how to manipulate these chemicals has led to the development of modern civilization! A degree in Chemistry is intended for students who are interested in careers as Professional Chemists, or desire thorough grounding for pursuing an advanced degree in Chemistry or want a medically related career. Chemistry is called the “Central Science”, as Chemists are involved in research, production, and analysis in diverse areas such as food, medicine, forensics, and energy.

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As a basic Science, Chemistry is concerned with the structure and behavior of atoms, the composition and properties of compounds, the reactions among substances, and the laws that unite these into a comprehensive system. Our course covers basic concepts of Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, and Titration, and moves to more advanced topics such as Equilibrium, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, and Balancing Equations. Growing Stars help you to excel in College Chemistry and be ready for Medical Entrance Exams such as MCAT or DAT.

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The College Chemistry tutors of Growing Stars have a wide range of expertise, enabling them to delve into the heart of Chemistry with our students, as they increase their Chemistry knowledge and develop associated skills. Our online College Chemistry tutors provide sound training to master the fundamental principles and basic techniques of College Chemistry, and to assist interested students for advanced work. We help our students to solve problems competently by combining knowledge of facts and analytical thought processes, evaluating the quality of collected data, and analyzing the data using appropriate techniques. Our tutors encourage independent learning experience and help students take responsibility for their education by enhancing their confidence in their own abilities. The goal of Growing Stars for your educational experience is to prepare you for advanced study and a variety of professional pursuits. This will enable you to learn throughout your lifetime and to become a constructive, contributing citizen of the community. Our online tutors strive to mentor our students to become ethical, productive members of society who apply their scientific knowledge and skills in a broad range of endeavors.

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