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College Biology Tutoring

College Biology Tutoring

With its many branches, Biology is the study of the intriguing and complex systems that make life possible, and is continuing to expand its horizons at an astonishing pace. College Biology is very appealing for students who are focused in the scientific study of the natural processes of living things. Those who want to excel in this field of science can pursue various paths in Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Health Care Fields, and various types of scientific research. A strong background in Biology will serve one well, whether as an entrepreneur, in the corporate world, or as part of academe.

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College Biology provides students with a broad base for understanding principles governing life processes at all levels, such as Molecular, Cellular, Organismal, and Ecological. The study of Biology is a dynamic and evolving discipline that delves into the Diversity of Living Organisms, the Molecular Basis of Life, Mechanisms of Inheritance, and the Process of Evolution. It encompasses an ever-widening range of phenomena, from the workings of tiny Molecular Pumps and the Choreography of Cell Division to the persistence of Communities of Plants and Animals in the face of global climate change. Advances in knowledge and technology allow examining minute changes in Gene Expression, revealing the Source of Nutrients via Isotopic Ratios, quantifying the effects of Light Pollution on Aquatic Communities, and reconstructing the Evolution of Animal Populations and Generation of new Species. The course also  provides in-depth coverage of the Chemistry of Life, Water, Carbon, Structure of larger Biomolecules,  Metabolism, Photosynthesis, Meiosis, Mendel’s Law, Viruses, Genomes and their Evolution, Bacteria and Archaea, Protists, Invertebrates and Vertebrates, Angiosperms, Reproduction and Biotechnology, Plant responses to Internal and External Signals, Animal Nutrition, Circulation and Gaseous Exchange, Immune System, Endocrine System, Osmoregulation and Excretion, Neurons, Synapsis and Signaling, Sensory& Motor Systems, Ecology, Conservation Biology, and other topics.

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The dedicated and caring tutors of Growing Stars embark on a fascinating journey with an engaging learning environment for our students, fostering a mastery of the biological concepts required for success in the academy and beyond. Our online College Biology tutors emphasize developing our students’ skills of logical problem solving and scientific investigation. They aim at making our students intrinsically motivated, self-directed learners who enjoy a Biologist’s keen awareness of the natural world. Scientific communication skills are emphasized while making original observations, fostering the ability to discover new biological knowledge, and curiosity about and empathy toward our shared environment,

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