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AP Statistics Test Preparation

AP Statistics Test Preparation

Statistics has the power to improve decision-making accuracy, to test new ideas, and to form the mathematical basis for quality control. It is an analytical tool used in Education, the Social Sciences, and Business Administration, and is often a required subject for many College Majors.

AP Statistics introduces students to the concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. We expose our students to four broad conceptual themes, helping them to master the concepts and techniques of Statistics and equipping them to communicate methods, results, and interpretations using the vocabulary of Statistics.

We encourage our students to familiarize themselves with the form and notation of formulas. We expose them to multiple-choice questions, open-ended free-response questions, and investigative tasks involving more extended reasoning.

Prep for AP Statistics Test Online  

Any student with concerns about the information and skills needed for success on the AP Statistics Test can benefit from our online tutoring program. The tutors at Growing Stars provide effective help for learning this branch of Applied Mathematics. This program identifies specific areas that are a matter of concern and works on those so that test scores will rise.

Engage an Expert Statistics Tutor

Taking the AP Statistics Test should not be frightening, especially when there is a tutor readily available.  Our highly-qualified AP Test prep tutors help students improve their scores. At Growing Stars, our staff of tutors is trained to help with the pressures of high-stakes tests. An online test prep tutor can improve both scores and confidence.

• Concepts – 72 hours
• Review (In the month of March) – 12 hours
• Review of 4 full-length tests/test taking tips and strategies (In the month of April) – 12 hours

8 Hours/Month
4 Hours/Month
Customized programs are available. Call us at 1800 499 4769 to learn more.