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Anatomy & Physiology Tutoring

Anatomy & Physiology Tutoring

Human Anatomy is the scientific study of the structures of the body, while Physiology is the scientific study of the chemistry and physics of the structures of the body and the ways in which they work together to support the functions of life. Anatomy and Physiology are inseparable from each other. Our anatomy and physiology tutors help you through our study course. We also provide a solid foundation for pursuing a Healthcare career, related education in other fields of Science, Medical-oriented subjects in later years, and possible entrance into the Medical and Dentistry professions.

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Human Anatomy and Physiology mainly deals with different body systems such as the Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Lymphatic System, Digestive System, etc. The course covers Organization of the Human Body; Chemical Basis of Life; Cell Biology; Integumentary System; Skeletal and Muscular Systems; Nervous System; Endocrine System; Regulatory and Maintenance Systems; Water, Electrolyte, and Acid Base Balance; the Reproductive System; Aging; and Genetics.

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The Growing Stars online Anatomy and Physiology tutors help our students to think and speak in terms of these disciplines while integrating the knowledge they gain about Anatomy to support explanations of the Physiological phenomenon. We help our students to appreciate the order by which the human body is organized and to understand the holistic aspects of our biological systems. Our expert tutors cultivate an environment that fosters ingenuity, emphasizing the importance of a sound knowledge of the underlying mechanisms.

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