C++ Programming

This is an introductory course. However familiarity with at least one other programming language would be useful. Students are expected to have basic computer and Internet navigation skills.

Course Description:
The course provides a sound foundation for learning C++, which is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that offers portability, modularity, and compatibility with C and other languages.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a technique to create programs based on objects, with analogs from the real world. OOP enables the programmer to build complex software components that are designed in a modular fashion. It enables building components that are extensible and re-usable. Many components within modern operating systems, software products, embedded applications, and large applications are written in C++. OOP with C++ is essential for software developers who intend to build these complex products.

Topics Include:

  • Basic Object-Oriented Programming concepts
  • C++ fundamentals & similarities/differences with C language
  • Declarations, identifiers and pointers in C++
  • Classes, Objects and encapsulation
  • Memory management, constructors, and destructors
  • Object relationships – inheritance and polymorphism
  • File I/O and Input/Output streams
  • Exception handling

How you benefit from this course:

  • On completion of this course you will be able to develop complete products using the OOP techniques in C++
  • Most system programming and complex software solutions such as Application Servers are built using C++; this course will improve your job prospects in software firms and research organizations using these software systems.
  • You will get a head start in acquiring Java programming skills, since the basics of Object-Oriented Programming with Java and C++ are the same.

Students must have access to a PC and a C++ compiler. The recommended development environment is “Eclipse IDE with CDT”. Our IT support can provide you guidance for the compiler installation.

How we conduct the Course:
This course is conducted in 15 sessions of 2 hours each, spread over 6 weeks. Total course duration is 30 hours. Classes are instructor-led, live, online and highly interactive. The trainer is a highly qualified IT professional with many years of software development experience.

Live examples will be used during the program so that students get an opportunity to experience the rewards of programming first-hand.

This course is available at just $590 for 30 hrs.

Customized C++ Tutoring : $20/hour

This easy to Start Program includes:

  • 8 scheduled one hour sessions with a highly-qualified tutor (2 per week)
  • Monthly parent conference with one of our Education Managers
  • Growing Stars Classroom Software
  • No long-term contracts

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